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Stream, blogs and more!

What is up guys! It’s been way too long since my last blog post, almost 2 months, and I do apologize for that! There has been a whole lot been going on, and I’ve been kept quite busy, but no more! So as I said, a lot of stuff has been going on, and one of them is indeed that I am now able to stream! For this I can ‘thank’ two things… First of all, my new computer. I bought it end of August, but since I was stuck in the Faroe Islands I was unable to get it home, unless i paid shit loads for transfer. So it was stuck in Denmark for around two weeks, until I finally went and picked it up. Which leads me to the 2nd reason I’m able to stream. I picked up my computer as I was moving to Malmö, Sweden! So why is me moving to Sweden a reason for me to stream you might ask, well.. It has great internet connection! Like seriously, my internet connection was increased tenfold, which means I now have a 100/10 Mbps (don’t worry, I’ll upgrade as soon as I have some extra money!). So if you haven’t already, then by all means come by my stream,, and hang out! Don’t make me talk to myself all day, people find me crazy as it is already!

So what else has happened? Well, as I said, I moved to Sweden. No reason for it though, but I have lived in Denmark for 3 years already, and when I moved back to the Faroe Islands, it all just became so dull, and Sweden really didn’t seem like all that bad an option, so here I am! Currently picking up on my Swedish lessons, and well.. playing games.. so that’s basically my life in Sweden right now – not so bad if you ask me!

I think being in Sweden has made a lot more possible for me. Yeah, it might have been able in Denmark as well, but it just seems so much easier in Sweden. First of all eSport is huge in Sweden, and there is a lot more activity here than in Denmark. I’m planning to soak up as much of it as possible, starting with Dreamhack Winter ’13 in November. I’m also planning to get a lot more done, in terms of blogging, streaming and uploads to YouTube, but I just have to figure out the details on that part.

Stream: This is where I want to get the most active… I want to figure out if I can have a certain streaming schedule, and if I should stick to one game most of the time, or have certain days for certain games. As it looks like now, League of Legends is the game that I’m most likely to stream the most, followed by World of Warcraft, but there are still a lot of games I want to play and re-play!

YouTube: I need to figure out how I do about this. I want to get some uploads going on YouTube, but I’m not sure if I should take it directly from the streams and just upload my broadcast. This would be so much easier, since it’s two birds with one stone – however if there is any activity in chat it might seem a bit weird to watch it on YouTube. But on the other hand, if I record it locally and then upload it, then I’m not sure how I should do it… Ah the decisions I have to make!

Blog: I really want to get back into “serious” blogging. There was a period where I had at least one post a week, and I do want to do that again. So this is a promise, mostly for myself, but you can keep me at it, that I’ll have at least one gaming related post a week, whether it’s a YouTube upload post, or just ranting about something, I’ll have 1 post up each week (let’s aim for every Wednesday shall we?)!

Hmm… that is the most exciting stuff happening at the moment I think… Well… I am working on a project with my brother, but I don’t think I’ll say too much about that at the moment, since it hasn’t been started just yet, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on that!

Right, I do think that was all for now though, I’ll be back on Wednesday!


Viri Fortuitus are back in business!

Second week of Mist of Pandaria and first week of raiding! Last post I mentioned that I was excited about the new raid (Mogu’Shan Vaults) and with good reasons! First proper guild raid in months and Viri Fortuitus sure looked good!

First raiding night (Wednesday) and we were all ready! Everyone was more or less hyped and really excited as we got started. Everyone on Ventrilo, flasked and well fed as we started on the trash. But Viri being Viri we obviously got raped by trash a few times too often… But we got it cleared and stood in front of The Stone Guards. Now I cannot remember exactly how everything went as I have a horrible memory, but I can tell you that the fight was a bitch (at least for us healers)! Having no mana at 80% just really doesn’t work you know… But we learned quickly and slowly got closer to killing him, and after the 22nd try we finally managed to get him down!

Second raiding night went somewhat just as “smooth”, although I was horrible irritated by the lack of mana for me and the other healers, and I was ready to rage-quit at one point. But Viri did what Viri does best and kept going and we went for that famous last try.

As Barbiella wrote on our website: “At 3% we started to think that “we’ve got this bro, we’ve got this!“, but no! Feng the Accursed had some buttkicking up his sleeve and at 0.8% health, 90% of the raid was dead. Left was the mage who refused to die, and the spirit healer who refused to stop spamming all the buttons. When 0.1% of the boss remained, the mage fell down dead. And much to our surprise, so did Feng! The screams were glorious, and as our dear tank Grim stated: Viri does not need gear to pwn.”

As I mentioned in the previous post I was hoping for one of the guildies to stream the raid, but I’m afraid that didn’t happen, BUT Barbiella recorded the fight, here you go peeps:

We had some problem with getting people for Monday and Tuesday so we didn’t have the chance to raid there, but I do have a raid in 15 minutes, so let’s hope it goes as good (or even better) as last week!

I’m afraid that’s all I have to say for now, Mike is over and out!

Game cinematics, cut scenes and more!

I just watched the Diablo III TV add and I started to wonder… What if the game developers made movies instead?! I mean, the movies now days are great and all that, and you can be amazed over them for a while, but it’s not anywhere close to video games! A game can keep you entertained for years, and you can watch the cut scenes over and over again without getting tired of them!

Yeah okay, comparing movies to video games isn’t fair, I know, but if you take the cut scenes from the games, like this one from WoW, (it might not be as high graphics and all, as people demand for movies), but the excitement really gets to you! If Blizzard decided to make a movie, and make it at the same level as their cut scenes/cinematics then it would be mind blowing, not only due to the details and amazing artwork (or whatever you call it) but also the story!
So basically what I’m saying is, that game developers should pull their asses together and make a movie in the same style as the cut scenes/cinematics are (which is computer animated, and not with actos)!
But yeah anyway, while I’m on the topic I might as well add that it ain’t only Blizzard who knows how to make such a brilliant job (well duh)! The guys behind StarWars: The Old Republic made a trailer that blew my mind! It’s brilliant but the game is shit.. ;P
So please check out (and several other sites) and watch the trailers, and do enjoy the thrill and excitement that it brings!
So just to finish this up, try to watch this Starcraft II trailer and just imagine what movie this could be if they decided to make it real!
(oh and on a side note, do try to watch Tales of the Past, it’s an amature video made by a danish guy… It brings up some pieces of lore from Warcraft, and it’s just simply amazing!)
(PS. I’ve looked through this post and saw soooo many grammar mistakes and whatnot, but I’m just too tired to find them and fix it, so you’ll just have to survive it)