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Just another WoW rambling

I have been playing World of Warcraft since April 13, 2007. Almost every day, with a few exceptions, and I’m still going strong, playing 5+ hours every day. I recently got asked why the heck I still play, since the game was dead and/or ruined and it was a waste of money and time. I’ve been getting this question a lot, especially since Mist of Pandaria got released, and honestly, I don’t understand it. Sure, I have been playing the game for over 7 years and I still love it as much as I did back then and it still feels as good to play and achieve certain things in the game.

When I first reached max level in The Burning Crusade I instantly fell in love with the endgame raids, and within long I joined up with the 3rd best raiding guild on the server <The Dragon> and started to do the hard raids such as Mount Hyjal and Black Temple (never got around to Sunwell Plateau). In Wrath of the Lich King I had a 6 months break when I moved to Denmark for half a year, and when I returned I found myself guild less.
I soon found a new guild and <Viri Fortuitus> was what I called home and family for the years to come, and still is today, even if I play under another guild tag. With Viri I saw the game from different perspective. We did serious raiding, without the hardcore raiding guild attitude that I had known before, and I had much more fun playing the game than I ever had before. In WotLK we had amazing progress and kept up with the top guilds, and even though we slowed down a bit in the following expansions we still had fun. Sadly, nothing lasts forever (except Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, that shit won’t die!), and in May 2013, the guild died completely. People lost interests in the game or got otherwise occupied, and we had our last official raid attempt on April 18, 2013. In the year to come I found myself wandering Azeroth alone or AFK’ing in Trade District, waiting for just anything to happen. I got lucky though, in November I found another guild, that had the same mentality as my old guild, and even though it was painful to do a /gquit for real, I was now in a new guild and back in raiding.
However I quickly found out that even if the guild reminded me of my old guild, it just didn’t feel like anything I could call home, so 2 months after I left the guild, had a server transfered and joined up with a new guild: <Indecisive>, and I’m now back to the old hardcore raiding, doing Siege of Orgrimmar 25m Heroic, trying to get rid the last threat of today’s Azeroth, and to show the might of the Alliance in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor. But it still saddens me that Viri Fortuitus is no more, and I am worried that even though I’m loving my new raiding guild and it feels amazing to do 25m raiding again, it might not last forever. With Viri Fortuitus I raided because of the people in the guild, and played for the people in the guild, and that’s not what I’m doing in the new guild, and I’m not 100% sure that I’ll enjoy it as much in say 3 months or perhaps in a year.

But as for now, I’m still enjoying the game just as much as I did 7 years ago, and I cannot imagine it getting worse in the next 2-3 years, unless Blizzard really screws up somehow.
Alitaliho the Light of Dawn will always be here to protect and serve the Alliance!

Blizzard Allstars get’s a name change, and BlizzCon moves closer!


Finally there is something new about Blizzards MOBA game! It’s been a very long time without any information whatsoever, but now it is official. The Blizzard Allstar has changed name to Heroes of the Storm, and even has their own section on!

With the name change and the new website, they released an announcement video, made by non other than the famous SC2 fan artist Carbot, and do I really have to say how awesome it is?!


Together with the announcement, they have also released the schedule for BlizzCon 2013. It is looking really good so far, although it doesn’t look like there will be any big surprises. Some Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls information, along with what’s next in the World of Warcraft and then a better look at said MOBA. All in all a really interesting schedule, but sadly no big surprises – yet.

With BlizzCon moving oh so close, I am still keeping to my predictions: Hearthstone released at BlizzCon, Heroes of the Storm will be announced and released in May/June 2014, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls to be announced for 2014, although they don’t want to set a date, and a new look into what the next World of Warcraft expansion might look like!

All in all, quite exciting news, and more to come in the near future! I will keep up with the updates and post anything new here, as my predictions will be confirmed, so keep an eye on it!

World of Warcraft: PvP – Are you an idiot or not

I’ve recently come back to World of Warcraft, and I’m not sure what I expected from it. I started to focus on PvP and Battlegrounds, to gear up and hopefully get into a Rated Battleground team. However for some reason people like to make it a whole lot harder than it needs to be! I mean, WoW is a fairly simple game when it comes to the basics, especially in PvP:

First rule of PvP/Battlegrounds: If you want to kill an enemy, target the healers first. You’ll notice how much faster the enemy team goes down.

Second rule of PvP/Battlegrounds: Objectives wins the game. Whether it be a Flag, an orb or perhaps a mine cart.

Third rule of PvP/Battlegrounds: Learn the two previous rules. Period.


Sure, you might not always be able to fulfill the second rule, meaning you wont be able to cap the base or grab the flag, maybe because someone is defending it, or perhaps someone else on your team got the objective, or  at least working on it. If this is the case, then it’s up to you, either to defend your flag carrier/player that’s capping the objective OR defend your teams objective, i.e. your flag/base.

If you’re not doing this, and for some reason you’re running in the middle of the Battleground trying to get a few kills, let me tell you this. You’re an idiot and should stop playing the game. Most of the time, if not always, it’s a complete waste of time to farm kills, and not help with the objectives.

Oh, you don’t care about the objectives, you just want the honor points. Oh my, why didn’t you just say so! Because then I would love to tell you, that 99% of the time you’ll get less honor farming kills compared to the honor you get for getting objectives/winning the Battleground.
It’s hard to find the exact numbers, but if you win a Battleground straight up you’ll get around 200-250 honor points. If you’re losing you’ll get around 100-120. so that’s 100-130 points you’re missing out on, and it’s a hell of a lot of kills you have to get to make up for the loss. Again, it’s hard to find the exact numbers/equations, but from what people have agreed upon is that you get X number of points per kill, all depending on how many allies are close to you and how often the said enemy has been killed. Main point is focus on the objectives!


Alright, let’s get back to how easy it is to understand the tactics in a Battleground. Most Battleground have straight up tactics: In Warsong Gulch you have to cap the enemy flag, first to 3 wins. Arathi Basin, gather points to win, by capping bases; the more bases you have the faster you get points – first to 2000 wins. So as you can see, it’s quite simple… If you’re fucking this up it’s simply because you’re an idiot.

Then there are Battlegrounds where people understand the tactics, but are overdoing it, like Isle of Conquest. IoC is a lot like Alterac Valley, you cap objectives and then go kill the end boss, and generally Alliance are quite good at this. The problem is when they don’t get when to do it and when not to do it.

On this map of IoC you can see the 3 main focus, The Hangar, the Workshop and the Docks. Then there is the Refinery and the Quarry.

In the early days the tactics were, for Alliance, to rush Docks, get the glaives and win the game. However, in the early days it was important to get almost all down to docks, since Horde was doing the same tactics. However, Horde is now rushing Workshop and goes from there, but Alliance still rushes Docks and ignores the Horde. Fair enough, Alliance wins most of the time, so I shouldn’t really complain. But the point is that people aren’t thinking!

We know Hordes goes to the Workshop, so instead of us sending 35 of 40 people to the Docks, we could split them up, having 10 people secure Docks, send 5-10 to rush the Hangar and then have the rest actually contest the Workshop.

“But why on earth would you do that if the current tactics are working and you (Alliance) are winning?!” – Well that is a damn question sir! It might be because I quite enjoy a close match, where it isn’t a faceroll on each side, and that I’m actually excited. Or it could be that I’m just tired of doing the same bloody thing over and over again in a Battleground that has the potential to be great!

Alright alright, the IoC complaint might have been a bit weird, I agree, but I’m allowed to dream about more exciting battles! But the other points still stand! Don’t be a fucking idiot and try to see if you can grasp the idea of actually doing something for the team. Sure, you might lose, but at least you did it trying to fight for the win!

The Dark Below

Blizzard recently trademarked a new title The Dark Below. Of course Blizzard haven’t said anything about this just yet, but that does not mean we can’t be excited and start the never ending speculation right?!

First thing first though… It’s been roughly a year since Mist of Pandaria was released, and if we look through the history of expansions we can see that it’s been 3 years ish between every expansion, so we really shouldn’t expect anything just yet – although they did say they would put out more expansions with less time between them, so maybe late next year? Either way, I’m sure we’ll get some insight on this at Blizzcon later this year.

So what I’m the most excited about is what is the expansion about? I mean.. We’ve killed C’thun, we slayed the Betrayer, banished the undead, and destroyed the Destroyer.. We’ve been all over the place and they just keep coming. In the past few months a few scenarios have been voiced on the internet… ideas and suggestions for the next expansion pack – The return of the Burning Legion, the Emerald Dream and the wrath of the Nagas, and to be fairly honest, all of these are exciting as fuck and I can’t wait to see all of them in game. But alas only one scenario for each expansion… and for this one it is most likely gonna be the wrath of the Nagas.

To fully prepare for a world of perfection, all the imperfect must be swept away.

A few years back, before the announcement of Cataclysm me and whole bunch of other people expected this expansion to come out… The Naga’s have been roaming Azeroth for years, but have never been a real threat.. at least not since the days of Warcraft 3 or the Serpenshrine Caverns, so it would seem like a perfect time to release it. There are numerous islands around Azeroth that are hidden or not accessible. But as we all know this didn’t happen.
In Cataclysm we kinda started to feel the anger and power of the Naga’s in Vashj’ir, even though it was easily beaten. It was also here that we for the first time ever heard of the “Dark Below”, it had never before been mentioned (as far as I know at least). It was the great and powerful Ozumat, Fiend of the Dark Below. The last boss in Throne of Tides, whom will has been overtaken by the Nagas.

If this is the scenario and idea for the next expansion it would mean that we could finally get to see the realm of the Nagas… we could see the great (I assume it’s great) city of Nazjatar at the bottom of the Maelstrom, and who knows.. we might see the resurrection of Lady Vashj!

But of course it’s all speculations, and we wont know anything for sure till Blizzard reveals something, either at Gamescom this weekend or at Blizzcon later this year. For now I’ll stay dreaming of the depths of Azeroth!

3 months with Mist of Pandaria

Mist of Pandaria has been out for a couple of months now and I figured I would have a look at how it has been. I have heard a lot of people saying it’s been the best expansion so far, but there has also been a lot of people saying it’s been the worst shit ever, that it ruined the game.  I definitely don’t agree with the last one, I quite liked the game. But I’m not sure if I think it’s the best expansion either.

I’m a bit torn when it comes to the world. Pandaria has some zones that looks absolutely amazing. I literally fell in love when I got to the Jade Forest for the first time. Everything was so well detailed. The music was amazing, so China/Asian-like, the landscape was beautiful, with all those pointy mountains, almost like Thousand Needles just not as boring! The quests and characters we’re just simply fantastic. I really really loved this zone.
But the other zones.. I mean, it’s as if they didn’t put as much effort into it as with Jade Forest. Okay, I haven’t completed all the quests, so not 100% sure how the quests and characters are. But the zones are so so boring to look at! Krasarang Wilds and Dread Wastes was horrible! I honestly can’t make myself do the quests there, but with the new patch I have to pull myself together and get it done. The two others; Kun Lai Summit and Vale of Eternal Blossom was quite great as well. The Vale looks like a valley an emperor would hide from the world and only keep to himself, I really have to spend more time there! Kun Lai was quite entertaining to quest and the zone was generally awesome, especially Mount Neverrest! Overall I would say they did a quite good with Pandaria, 8/10 from me (yes, I actually rated it!)!

When MoP was released I was really hoping that I could get back to raiding with the guild. Raiding is the main reason for playing the game (except the social part), and we have somewhat done that. We haven’t done as good as I was hoping on the progress, but we’ve raided 2-3 times a week which is awesome. The raid has been… interesting Mogu’shan Vaults had really awesome mechanics and was really good looking. Although I didn’t like the fact that they used a Troll as a boss, yeah yeah, I’m sure it fits the lore and all that, but we’ve been dealing with the damn trolls throughout the history of the game. The other thing that bothers me with the raid is that they somewhat took the boss design from Ulduar, yeah I know it’s not exactly the same, but the fact that it’s spectral is kinda weird. But I’m really enjoying the raid so far, and I hope we can clear it soon enough! Heart of the Fear has quite awesome mechanics as well, but I honestly don’t like the artwork of it at all! I haven’t raided it enough to actually give a valid review of it, but so far it’s nowhere near the top of my favourite-raid-list! Overall I would give raiding a rating of 6/10.

Last point I would like to have a look at is the PvP. In early MoP I did do quite a lot of (rated) battlegrounds, and I loved one of the two new battlegrounds. But for some reason (can’t exactly remember why, so I’m guessing it was the raiding) I had to more or less stop with the RBG and since then I barely did any PvP… I could easily do normal battlegrounds yes, but honestly no one should play that, it’s horrible… People can’t communicate and is more focused on chasing a healer throughout the entire map rather than actually winning, it’s hopeless. I would give PvP a 4/10 because it only changed for the worse in normal battlegrounds, but then again I haven’t tried enough to actually give it a valid rating.

When I think about it, this could almost be the best expansion, but then again no. The Burning Crusade is without a doubt the best expansion for raiding, the raids were awesome through the entire expansion. Wrath of the Lich King was the best expansion for PvP, and Cataclysm was just a failure. And now Mist of Pandaria has been the best expansion for the artwork and all that. I honestly can’t pick the best expansion, so we’ll have to just pick the worst: Cataclysm, without a doubt.

I do think that was it for now, hope you enjoyed my so called review and if not, well… too bad! Mike is over and out!

World Championship Series

If you’re a Starcraft 2 fan, or maybe a World of Warcraft fan, you might have noticed that there was something special about this weekend. It was the long-awaited World Championship Series (WCS) in Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft: Arena, and as the obvious Starcraft fan I am it couldn’t be at a worse time! My mum decided to visit me in Denmark so I had to choose.. Sleep and no Starcraft or Starcraft and no sleep.. Wont say it was a hard choice though.

But lets get back to the WCS. It started several months ago when the Qualifiers were held all over the world, which lead to the different countries National Finals. The finalists then went on to the Regional Finals and in the end the 540 players were cut down to 32 for the Grand Finals in Shanghai, China. The Nationals and Regional being overly amazing and exciting to watch one would think the Grand Final would be just as amazing or even better! But alas I’ve never been so disappointed when it comes to a Starcraft 2 tournament. There were several reasons for my disappointment. The production was horrible! While the idea of having 4 different streams for Starcraft is great, they simply failed to make it work. So many mistakes that just shouldn’t be there, such as muting the sound in the breaks between the matches, so that don’t have to hear the production crew attempt to communicated. But the their biggest production mistake was the lack of preparation.. How can they plan a global final and expect millions of viewers without setting the streams up for it?! The main stream crashed over and over and over again in the middle of matches at the worst time you could imagine! Compared to other events this was absolutely shite.. I hope Blizzard will think twice next time and actually pick a production crew that knows how to do it *hint* Dreamhack *hint*.
But other than the production screw up I just didn’t feel excited about this event.. I’m not entirely sure what did it but I think it has to do something with the fact that it was in China… Not that I have anything against the location! More the fact that the time difference was horrible for Europeans! It started at 2-3am and ended around 1pm which screwed me over big time. Another thing that quite annoyed me was the player line-up: To me the global finals should be the 32 best players in the world, and not just the best players from the respected regions… I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to see players like MC, Naniwa, MVP, MMA and ThorZaIN! But you cannot get everything you want right?

Okay I might sound like it was the worst Starcraft event ever.. it wasn’t.. even if the players weren’t my favourite they really did deliver some awesome games, and if that wasn’t good enough the casters did an amazing job, as usual! Seriously, having Day[9], Tastosis and Apollo can always pull it off and bring you great entertainment!

And now there’s only one thing left to say: Mike is over and out, and I’ll see you at Dreamhack this weekend!

A week in Pandaria

Evening peeps!

It’s a week since World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria was released and I can honestly say that I’m in love with everything! Blizzard really did an amazing job with this expansion, and it’s just as good (if not better) than The Burning Crusade.. Yes I said it, deal with it!

The pandas look awesome, and the quest lines are fun and not at all boring in any way (if you’ve done the raccoon quest with Socke you know what I’m talking about!). And then there is the landscape! Can’t say they did an amazing job all over Pandaria, but the Jade Forest, Kun Lai Summit and Vale of the Eternal Blossoms makes up for the lack of awesomeness in the other zones.

But one of the most epic moments in MoP so far was finding the Shrine of Fellowship! And now you’re wondering.. “Am I supposed to know what the hell that is?!” and yes.. you should! Maybe not by name, but if you’ve seen the opening cinematic or even the trailer on TV then you’ve seen when they fight and the panda (Chen Stormstout) fixes the Hammer thingie that the Orc broke!

And after a week of enjoying everything in the game, we finally get what we really want… New raid: Mogu’shan Vaults. Don’t know anything about this raid really, but the bosses look great and if the mechanics are anything like in the dungeons then it can hardly disappoint!

File:Mogu'shan Vaults loading screen.jpgI doubt we’re anywhere close to being geared for it, but that has really never stopped us! And as our dear Grim said (I changed it a little bit but all credit to Grim!):

We are totally undergeard
We do not know the tactics
We don’t even know where the raids are
But we are Viri, we do not need gear, we do not need tactics
We are strong, we are badass
We are awesome
We are Viri!

I wish I could stream the first raid, but I’m afraid that ain’t possible, so lets hope one of my guildies will do it!

But that’s about it for now, Mike is over and out!

How World of Warcraft could save your business and the economy

One of my friends sent me this link, where a Learning guru and author explains why an expert/high level player in World of Warcraft could be more beneficial than an MBA from Harvard.

It’s only 6 minutes long, and really worth watching!


But if you for some reason don’t have any sound you can read it:

I would rather hire a high-level World of Warcraft player than an NBA from Harvard.  Why is a game, a massive multiplayer game that has maybe 12 million people or more playing it like the World of Warcraft, so important at both the individual level and maybe at the corporate level?

To understand these massive multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, do not think about it as just game play but look at the social life on the edge of the game.  A typical night, there will be approximately 15,000 new strategic ideas created around the world.  If you want to compete that night or the next day, somehow you have to appropriate in your own play what 15,000 new ideas mean to you in order to go into this high-end raid.  Most of these high-end performance groups in World of Warcraft create guilds; you have to have a guild to do anything because it’s a fundamentally collaborative game.  These guilds will be sometimes 100, 200 people.  Guess what?  They don’t have a bonus structure to guide them to incent them.  Only passion, only interest works.  And what you have to have is find a way to turn this guild structure of several hundred people into knowledge refinering groups.  And so basically, self-organizing to some extent, things start to happen, particularly groups go off and say, “I’m going to study this.” “I’m going to study this.” “I’m going to try this idea out and by tonight I will have consolidated . . . this class of ideas about how this particular new magic potion might actually work to re-heal you faster.”  Blah, blah, blah. . . .

And so what we’ve done is we’ve turned this entire kind of social organization into an ideation structure and an idea-refinement structure, all as more or less self-organizing groups.  I mean, show me anything that happens in the corporate world that has 15,000 new strategic ideas.  Possibly biotech does, but no world I know about in the corporate world.  We think about ten new ideas already overloading us.  You know, 10,000 is unthinkable.

When we look in to the social structures and the knowledge capability, refining and generation capabilities of these guild structures, there is something going on here.  These are not just self-organizing groups.  Basically every high-end guild has a constitution.  The leaders of these guilds also have to do dispute adjudication all the time.  They also have to be willing to say, “Let’s measure ourselves.”  These guilds are truly meritocracy-based.  And so even if you are the leader of this particular high-end raid, at the end you do an after-action review, and the after-action review each person is open to total criticism by everybody else.  You can replay the whole thing because basically its all computer-meditated so it can be captured.

But equally interesting to me is you can’t play in these complex worlds without building dashboards.  And these are dashboards that are measuring you, are measuring your state of being.  They also measure all the things happening around you.  Now, let’s step back a moment.  Every corporate situation I’ve ever been in has dashboards.  These dashboards are measurements that are superimposed on you by your manager.  So we live in a world of measurement and basically it’s famously said, “If it’s not measured, it won’t get done.”  You’ve probably heard that before by many people you discuss.  And isn’t it interesting that all those measurements are decided by your boss, applied to you?  In World of Warcraft you invent a dashboard for yourself.  So this whole idea of thinking about how do I build measurements to facilitate my own performance for me and me alone becomes very interesting.  And in fact, in the World of Warcraft, there’s a simple mantra I encounter all the time: if I ain’t learning, it ain’t fun.

Now let’s think about re-designing the workscape for the 21st century.  What would it mean to have each of us in a workscape define our own dashboard, our own source of measurements?  Suppose we actually then built little groups whose sole job is to accelerate learning in our particular interest group inside the corporation.  How do we start to completely turn the whole notion of what the workspace is about, or the workscape, I’m going to call it, about into something that becomes a talent accelerator for myself to pick up new ideas, to be able to learn faster with doing things with others and so on and so forth?  These are the practices that you’ll pick up in World of Warcraft if you are in one of these high-performing guilds.

And so it is an amazing learning environment with powerful learning tools that I think we in the education world can learn a hell of a lot about and we in the management world can learn a lot about.  But it gets back to this notion of passion, it gets back to this notion of curiosity, and it gets back to this notion that this is an interest-driven phenomenon that unleashes exponential learning of a dimension that’s almost unimaginable any other way.

Mist of Pandaria release date announced!

After several days of literally non-stop work I came home and checked my facebook, and I saw nothing but people spamming about 25 September,  and I rather quickly realised that it was no ordinary date, but the release of the new World of Warcraft  expansion, Mist of Pandaria! Now if you somehow managed to live under a rock for several months/years you might not have heard of the upcoming expansion, but people have been guessing the release date for several months (as they always do of course) but I have to say I really didn’t expect it to be released this early! I didn’t expect it any time before Christmas or early next year, and I don’t feel any excitement over the game being released, except that it will get lots of people back to WoW, not to mention to Viri Fortuitus!

mist of pandaria art workHmm so for you who haven’t really read anything bout the game, lets take a quick look at it shall we?

New race! Haven’t you always wanted to be a panda? Big, black/white, Asian and not to mention fluffy?!
New Class.. Now I haven’t really been reading much about the Monk class, but as far as I can understand it’s somewhat an all-around class (as in healing, tanking and damage). I’m not really excited about this feature, so lets just leave it here!
Pet battle system! Always been a fan of Pokémon?! Well Blizzard stole their idea! Use your vanity pets to beat other players! Kinda a lame idea, but I’m kinda looking forward to it! I can’t wait to kick a certain pink haired gnome’s ass!
Challenge mode: Now this is FINALLY something I’m really looking forward to! In almost every racing game you can get bronze, silver and gold medal for beating the best time and all that, and now Blizzard has applied this to the raids! Sure, 1 guild on the realm got the first kill, but if you can make the fastest kill it will be almost as good! I’m almost getting too over excited!
“Lesser” updates like new continent (which is placed on a giant tortoise for some weird reason), new NPC races, new talent trees and so on and on.

That was just a quick recap of the new features, and as I’ve been reading this I sort of got excited bout the release after all! Now let’s see how the next two months will be!

Now have a look at the BlizzCon 2011 WoW:MoP trailer!

Anyway, other than these news, as far as I can read on different websites Blizzard is already thinking of releasing several other expansions! Gotta love Warcraft ❤

But that’s it for me now! I’ll try to be back as soon as possible with more exciting news about boring stuff (or just another post)!

The team is bigger than the player!

Ever since I decided that I wanted to get a bit more serious about my gaming, and become a bit more than just another game out there, I’ve really tried to improve my gaming on Starcraft, but it’s really demotivating to get rape over and over again by those damn Koreans! Although I’m starting to win a few more games than I usually do, I’m still stuck in Bronze League and it is sort of frustrating… Yeah I know I shouldn’t expect to become that good right away, as it does take time and practice, but I was hoping it to be just a tad better than this!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m way better off being in a team rather than going solo! When ever I play 2v2 or more on Starcraft I’ve been able to get to higher leagues, even all the way up to Platinum!
No, I’m not saying that I suck at 1v1 or that I’m getting carried by my team, I’m saying that I’m a team player! It’s not only in Starcraft, but also in League of Legends where, if I just have a decent team, manage to do pretty well, and if I’d play ranked I’m sure I could get up there somewhere (that’s me trying to be honest without sounding too selfish!).

I’ve also just started to get interested in World of Warcraft again, seeing as PvP is still fun there, and I’ve found a group of people who are good at it, and they keep going at the rated battlegrounds, and they are doing good! Again here, whenever I’ve joined them I have been doing rather good!

So now I’m sort of wondering if I should cut down on the 1v1 in games like Starcraft (which is kinda sad since the game is great fun!) and go to the more team based games like LoL, WoW or FPS games. Even if the FPS games become so horrible boring after 2-3 hours of gameplay!

Now some of you might think “Mike don’t be such a pussy and give up already!!”.. Well I’m not giving up, since I’ll still play the game and wanting to get to higher leagues, but team based games got my interest yet again!

But that’s it for me now, Mike is going back to studying for the exam!

(And I still have that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. product key if anyone is interested!)