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Mike is down for maintenance.. or something like that.

What’s up guys, long time no see!
It didn’t take me long to fuck up my “promise” to keep posting at a regular level.. it actually only took me a week.. oh well.. But it has just been one of those periods where I haven’t felt like writing anything, and me not feeling there is anything interesting to write about. I told myself to start streaming regularly as well, and it all went great! I had a few regular viewers, and got new followers by each stream session! However, it got interrupted by a series of events.. I got a friend of mine visiting me, family was in Denmark and Sweden that I had to hang out with, and then there was my second monitor deciding it was time to die. Sure, I could have streamed a few times with my family around and having a friend over, however it was the monitor that really killed it for me.
One of the best part of streaming is to read a (hopefully) active chat, and to interact with the viewers, no matter how few they are, and with the lack of a second screen it made it kinda hard, and I was left with two or three choices. 1. to only use one screen and therfore being forced to tab between the game and chat/twitch, to keep up with chat. 2. To move my TV so that it was next to the computer and 3. not to stream for a while.
The first choice was an absolut no-go. I would not put myself and the viewers through the pain of constant alt+tabbing. I would probably forget it most the time and just get absorbed into the game and therfore ignore the chat, or I would alt+tab so often, that I’d end up catching an epileptic seizure. None of that sounded appealing to me, if I have to be honest (even if an epileptic seizure would probably have gotten me a fair bit of views on YouTube.. “Nerd spasms out on live stream”.. yeah..).
I was tempted to move my TV though.. It wouldn’t be optimal, but I would be able to keep up with the chat. The biggest problem, however, was the fact that it’s a big ass TV (42″), so to put it next to the computer would make it look odd and missplaced, and it would look so messy. So I basically ended up with the 3rd option, to not stream for a while. So that’s that, I’m currently waiting to get my hands on a 2nd monitor (*hint hint* send me one!), and untill then there wont be much of a stream.

And just as I said there wouldn’t be a stream, I’ll say the exact opposite! In January I will be streaming (not on my pc though) Amnesia: Machine for Pigs. I’m not sure why I’ve agreed to do this, but I feel I owe her that much. And by her I mean Korobeiniki (sorry if I misspelled your name, too lazy to look it up). I’ve been “co-streaming” Amensia with her, and might have laughed a bit too much, and might have ended up promising on stream that I would stream the 2nd game. So that’s that. Now another interesting thing is that I will also be attending my very first international LAN event! Okay calm down..! It sounds a whole not more interesting when I say it like that. BUt it is a LAN however, no matter how small it is. I mean, it will be in Sweden, and there will be at least 2 nationalitis, pretty darn international, right?! I was talking about having a 31-day stream session in January (Streamuary?), but plans changed and we’ve decided to have a LANuary! Clever names, I know! So far we’re only 3, and I have no idea how many people we can fit, but it will be amazing! It will be streamed on two streams (Mine and Koro’s) and we’ll make it all fancy! I’m hoping to get a few other people (*hint* Adam *hint*) to join, however as I said, I have no idea how many we’ll fit.. but that is no reason not to hope! So that is what’s planned for the nearest future for me, gamingwise at least!N

Now, another thing I’m quite excited about, and looking forward to, is the WildStar beta stress test! Yesterday I received an email with a beta key (for the stress test only, sadly) for this weekend, and it will be amazing! I have seen quite a few videos and streams with it, and I cannot wait to try it out, hopefully it’ll be an MMO that can compete with World of Warcraft! What sucks however, is that a beta invite for this weekend doesn’t mean I am in for the future closed beta, and even more so that I cannot write or tell anyone about what I’ve played in the game. And since it’s a stress test I will probably just end up being stuck on the loading screen due to crashes, and not able to play beacuse of bugs, but I will enjoy it nontheless!

It feels good to write again, and I’ve really missed it. However my ass is starting to get cold, as I’m sitting on this ice cold floor in Copenhagen Airport, waiting for my flight home to the Faroe Islands. It’s really bad timing that I’m going home, gamewise at least, with the WildStar stress test coming up, as I cannot play it on my own computer, and will probably end up fighting with my brother to get my hands on his pc, so that I don’t have to play on my laptop. And I really wanted to play a lot of games, replaying Skyrim, completing Mass Effect 3 and all the other games I have lying around.. I was really in the mood to play, you know? But I got “interrupted” by my Mum, when she all of a sudden bought me a ticket home for Christmas! Yeah okay, that might have sounded negative, and it wasn’t by any means. I’m really glad I could get home for Christmas, but I was getting used to the plan of not going home and just staying in Malmö and do what I do best – Nothing.

Alright that’s it for now guys, and all there is only one thing left to say!