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World of Warcraft: PvP – Are you an idiot or not

I’ve recently come back to World of Warcraft, and I’m not sure what I expected from it. I started to focus on PvP and Battlegrounds, to gear up and hopefully get into a Rated Battleground team. However for some reason people like to make it a whole lot harder than it needs to be! I mean, WoW is a fairly simple game when it comes to the basics, especially in PvP:

First rule of PvP/Battlegrounds: If you want to kill an enemy, target the healers first. You’ll notice how much faster the enemy team goes down.

Second rule of PvP/Battlegrounds: Objectives wins the game. Whether it be a Flag, an orb or perhaps a mine cart.

Third rule of PvP/Battlegrounds: Learn the two previous rules. Period.


Sure, you might not always be able to fulfill the second rule, meaning you wont be able to cap the base or grab the flag, maybe because someone is defending it, or perhaps someone else on your team got the objective, or  at least working on it. If this is the case, then it’s up to you, either to defend your flag carrier/player that’s capping the objective OR defend your teams objective, i.e. your flag/base.

If you’re not doing this, and for some reason you’re running in the middle of the Battleground trying to get a few kills, let me tell you this. You’re an idiot and should stop playing the game. Most of the time, if not always, it’s a complete waste of time to farm kills, and not help with the objectives.

Oh, you don’t care about the objectives, you just want the honor points. Oh my, why didn’t you just say so! Because then I would love to tell you, that 99% of the time you’ll get less honor farming kills compared to the honor you get for getting objectives/winning the Battleground.
It’s hard to find the exact numbers, but if you win a Battleground straight up you’ll get around 200-250 honor points. If you’re losing you’ll get around 100-120. so that’s 100-130 points you’re missing out on, and it’s a hell of a lot of kills you have to get to make up for the loss. Again, it’s hard to find the exact numbers/equations, but from what people have agreed upon is that you get X number of points per kill, all depending on how many allies are close to you and how often the said enemy has been killed. Main point is focus on the objectives!


Alright, let’s get back to how easy it is to understand the tactics in a Battleground. Most Battleground have straight up tactics: In Warsong Gulch you have to cap the enemy flag, first to 3 wins. Arathi Basin, gather points to win, by capping bases; the more bases you have the faster you get points – first to 2000 wins. So as you can see, it’s quite simple… If you’re fucking this up it’s simply because you’re an idiot.

Then there are Battlegrounds where people understand the tactics, but are overdoing it, like Isle of Conquest. IoC is a lot like Alterac Valley, you cap objectives and then go kill the end boss, and generally Alliance are quite good at this. The problem is when they don’t get when to do it and when not to do it.

On this map of IoC you can see the 3 main focus, The Hangar, the Workshop and the Docks. Then there is the Refinery and the Quarry.

In the early days the tactics were, for Alliance, to rush Docks, get the glaives and win the game. However, in the early days it was important to get almost all down to docks, since Horde was doing the same tactics. However, Horde is now rushing Workshop and goes from there, but Alliance still rushes Docks and ignores the Horde. Fair enough, Alliance wins most of the time, so I shouldn’t really complain. But the point is that people aren’t thinking!

We know Hordes goes to the Workshop, so instead of us sending 35 of 40 people to the Docks, we could split them up, having 10 people secure Docks, send 5-10 to rush the Hangar and then have the rest actually contest the Workshop.

“But why on earth would you do that if the current tactics are working and you (Alliance) are winning?!” – Well that is a damn question sir! It might be because I quite enjoy a close match, where it isn’t a faceroll on each side, and that I’m actually excited. Or it could be that I’m just tired of doing the same bloody thing over and over again in a Battleground that has the potential to be great!

Alright alright, the IoC complaint might have been a bit weird, I agree, but I’m allowed to dream about more exciting battles! But the other points still stand! Don’t be a fucking idiot and try to see if you can grasp the idea of actually doing something for the team. Sure, you might lose, but at least you did it trying to fight for the win!


Midgard – a minecraft world

Minecraft – the sandbox indie game that took the world by storm, and now with over 10 millions copies sold. Everyone has heard of the game, and everyone should try it at least once in their life.

With all this said, I believe Minecraft has been ignored when people talk about addictive games. At least from what I’ve heard and read. It’s usually games like World of Warcraft, Football manager games, Diablo 2 and so on. But I don’t think any game comes close to Minecraft, not even World of Warcraft.
I have spent hours and days and months playing World of Warcraft, for almost 5 years now, and I have been addicted to the game. I just simply couldn’t stop playing it. But even then it really doesn’t compete with Minecraft. When I first heard of the game I was very sceptical… I mean, dig and build – what kind of crap is that?! But once you’ve started you cannot stop playing. You get so into it, wanting to finish whatever you started building. And before you know it you’ve spent 8 hours digging through the never ending boxes trying to get the materials you need.

Recently my brother asked me to play Minecraft on an online server with him. A role playing PVP server. It sounded kinda lame from the start, as I’ve never really been a big fan of role playing, but alas I tried it out, and as I said… once you’ve started you cannot stop.
In the first 4 days on the server I played for around 48 hours in total, yeah that’s right, 12 hours a day! Besides the amazing and addictive gameplay there is the server. The RPPVP server. The server is set in Midgard, the realm of the mortals, where you have to stand united against the ever possible threat of an attack from the enemy. You must establish a town, a home base, to defend against the enemy that might attack you without warning. You unite with other towns whom have the same enemy as you. You form a Nation. And this is where it really gets heated up. Two big nations facing up against each other, just waiting for the other one to make a mistake. The longer the Mexican stand off is, the more bloodthirsty the players get. But you cannot attack without making sure you’ve got the upper hand. You cannot let your towns be vulnerable, you have to be ready.

And that is what I have been doing, getting ready for the inevitable war. As High Lord of Vannheimr, the home to those with exceptional wisdom and the ability to see the future. And we have seen it. War is coming. I have been working for days to get the great walls of Vannheimr up and ready to hold off any enemy, and even though countless of hours have been spent we are still not finished, you can always improve something.Vannheimr

In Midgard, the realm of the mortal, we have joined in an alliance with the great Nation of Frossverd, and Vannheimr has an ever so important role in this nation. We are the front-line. We are the first line of defense against the vicious Chrace. Vannheimr is also where we will launch our attack against the nearest Chrace village, Anor.
But we do not know when or how the war will start, we are all waiting eagerly to be the one to draw first blood, but no one dares to make the first move and start off the war.

For now we stay idle. Waiting. Hoping.