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League of Legends at the Olympics

OlympicFor not too long ago it was announced that League of Legneds was finally deemed a professional sport, which means players could now get working visas for the United States. And this was huge for League of Legends and eSport as a whole.

But as if that was not enough: P4RGaming announced yesterday that it was accepted and announced for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!

We spoke with the Jacques Rogge, current president of the International Olympics Committee, as to why they allowed this eSport to make it into the Olympics.

“We needed a way to make the Olympics more accessible for young people,” said Rogge via his translator, “The sad part is, youth these days do not have the interest or capability to take up other Olympic sports. By introducing the League of Legends as a sport, we hope to rejuvenate the Olympics and maybe get some more youth interested in other Olympic sports like weightlifting or handball.”


Okay.. now before I move on, let me just take my time to calm you down and reassure you that this is NOT an actual thing, there is no League of Legends or any other video game for the Olympics. After P4RGaming released this announcement I dug in to find some source or other websites having the same news, but without luck. They were the only one who had this breaking news, (although a lot of people and websites quoted them on this). So I did a bit of research on them and it turns out that P4RGaming is 100% satire. It’s very well written, and if you don’t know them and only stumbled upon them once or twice you might actually believe what they are writing, I know I did!

But anyway… what if this was actually true? I mean… sure, the IOC would never agree to let a video game become an Olympic sport, but what if? Even if it’s just a troll post, there is some truth in it. eSport, believe it or not, actually requires a whole lot of physical exercise. Yeah okay, you don’t need to be able to lift 70kg or run a marathon to click a mouse or keyboard, but it is exhausting to sit through those gaming sessions and be 100% focused, just like chess. And come on.. if curling can be called a sport then sure eSport can as well!

I had a post, many many moons ago, where there was a podcast that discussed the matter – should eSport me at the Olympics? Back then I said yes, and I sure as hell still do. Bringing this topic to the table and discuss it would in everyone’s interest: the game developers get more attention, the gamers and gaming community gets more recognition and the rest of the world gets to see what all the fuzz is about.
If this was to happen, I’m sure it would bring a whole new crowd to the Olympics –  there is a huge, huge group of people who are not interested in sport what so ever, let alone the Olympics.

Even though this would probably never happen, I’m sure this could subject could give a lot of positive feedback to the gaming community, and maybe some of the big media companies could start cover eSport, so that the people who are dedicated to it could actually make a living of it.eSports2

My head was filled with thoughts on the subject, and I wanted to write it all down, but somehow I just started to ramble near the end, but I hope you get my point!


World of Warcraft as a competitive game?

As a long term World of Warcraft player I am sad to see where the game is today, and by that I mean the fact that less and less people are playing it. Blizzard recently released the subscription numbers and it was around 8 millions subscribers world wide (Still the biggest MMORPG by far), but it’s quite a drop from the glorious days of 2010 when there were 12 million players.

Personally I don’t understand why this drop in numbers has hit the game. Blizzard has really made a lot of improvement to the game and added loads and loads of new features in the past years, such as rated battlegrounds, looking for group system and not to mention the pet battle! Yeah, some might say that the game has become too easy, that in Vanilla and The Burning Crusade you needed lots more skills and whatnot to even have a chance to finish up the end game raids, and I do agree to a certain extent, but I don’t believe that’s what “killed” World of Warcraft. What I believe gave the game a massive blow are 3 things:

With people running around with heirlooms at any level in the game has had a huge impact on it. Everyone runs around with heirlooms, whether it be in the instances, the battlegrounds or questing. You no longer need to get that one helmet that will help you out. You no longer need to farm Scarlet Monastery to get Morgraines’s mighty Mace. No, you got it all from level one. By farming a little bit of instances/battlegrounds on your main you’re able to give your new character whatever gear you need from level 1. Levelling a new character has become ridiculously easy… I mean, I still remember when I levelled my main, it took me several months to get from 1-70 and it was an amazing feeling when I finally made it. Now levelling is just something that has to be done to get to the farming process at level 90.

Flying in Azeroth:
This is something that I’ve hated from the start, why would they add this feature? Sure, you can get from Stormwind to Scholomance in no time… great! But why?! Yeah, I remember when I had to get a group from Shadowfang Keep and we had to decide who went to summon the rest of the group.. Now that was a hell of a walk, which most often ended with 2-3 ganks, but it had its charm, as our dear friend Bilbo Baggins would have said “I’m going on an adventure!”. Yes, I do realise that flying in Azeroth is for the high levels, so it wouldn’t have had any impact on me running to Shadowfang Keep, but my point still stands.
Another thing with the flying in Azeroth is that you rarely see anyone more. There is no interaction with other players, especially not cross faction. I’m sure that most of the people that played in “the good old days” remember the endless ganks and ganking in zones like Strangelthorn Vale and Hillsbrad Foothills and it was FUN, even if you were the one ganked. All you see now is, if you’re lucky, a player flying somewhere high above. It starts to feel like you’re playing alone.

And arguably the BG/Instance queue system:
So this pretty much goes with the flying in Azeroth thingie. You don’t have to go out there. You don’t have to interact with people. You queue up, you kill some mobs and then never see the group again. I don’t know the locations for half the dungeons any more… Where the hell is the Siege of Niuzao Temple?! I don’t bloody know, because I don’t have to! All I need to do is to hit that lovely queue button and some magic happens and I’m in a group. Lovely right? No, because this group might as well have been an AI, no one is talking, there is no communication whatsoever.
When people had to run out to find the dungeons it added a lot more… life.. to the game, you saw a lot more players around. Same goes for the Battleground instances. I miss the days when people gathered in Stormwind Keep to queue up. There was always a lot of talking and people showing of their newly acquired PvP gear. There was a gathering point for like minded players.

ihealalotIhealalot, the greatest Paladin in The Burning Crusade era, misses the good old days

Now, I don’t know what Blizzard should do to make up for this fatal mistakes. You cannot simply remove the features, it doesn’t work like that. But I might have a few ideas that could help out. Or at least I wish it would. But here is my favourite one:

Competitive play:For those of you who have read my blogs know that I love the eSport scene, and I believe World of Warcraft has a lot of potential. In both aspects of the game, PvE and PvP.

I love the idea to see a better PvP competitive scene. Admittedly I don’t watch the arena sections and I find the insanely dull. But I honestly believe that if Blizzard put a team together to work out a tournament for battlegrounds it would have a massive success. The eSport scene has the great 1v1 games (Starcraft 2), it has the 3v3 (WoW Arena) and then it has the 5v5 (League of Legends and DOTA2). But it doesn’t have the huge 10v10, or even 15v15 if you dare. Yeah, it might be insanely difficult to make it work, to get 10-15 like minded players to work together in perfect synergy, but if there is one community there can do it, it’s the MMO community. We see it all the time, the top guilds of World of Warcraft going for that world first, and if they can do it in PvE then they can do it in PvP as well.
All Blizzard needs to do is to add some sort of spectator mode for battlegrounds. Not sure if it should be a 1st person view like Counter-Strike, 3rd person view like WoW arena, perhaps the spectating system from SC2 and LoL could work, or maybe a combination of all 3. And then Blizzard needs to make it attractive to the players. Give it a lot of talk, put bigger prizes out there, give the players a chance for fame. You have done it with Starcraft Blizzard, now do it to World of Warcraft.

So this one is somewhat already ongoing… The Race to Worlds first (Great documentary by the way, you should watch it), where the top guilds in the world tries to be the first to clear the content, to get the fame and glory. So what I think should be done here is to have tournaments, both for worlds first, but also fastest clear of a certain dungeon/raid. Have two teams/guilds facing each other and see who has the best strategy to clear it the fastest. This has already been done at several BlizzCons, where Blizzard has invited top guilds to go on scene and play, so why not go a bit further? Have a monthly tournament where you give the players a chance to get their 15 minutes of fame.

As I said, I don’t know what should be done with the game, but I strongly believe that this could help it out, make it more attractive to players, both the current one and people looking for an alternative competitive one.
Hope you guys like my idea and I wish we could get the word to spread and make it happen!

Fraps test – Silver League duo queue

This post is more or less just a test from my site to see if I could modify the page a little bit.

I finally managed to get myself to see how fraps and games would run on my computer, and so far it seems to run rather smoothly.

I played a ranked League of Legends game with a friend of mine. Silver League duo queue with a premade botlane (Zyra/Draven), and we pretty much dominated the game, but still it wasn’t a game that went as good as it should, but let’s blame the others shall we?

Some thoughts on the multiplayer aspects of games

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I’ve played anything I could get my hands on, from Tetris to Starcraft. But I’ve realised what is the most important for me when it comes to gaming. Time and time again it’s not the singleplayer games that I keep going back to, it’s the multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends and so on.

I have been playing WoW for way too many years and even if the game has become rather dull I can’t stop playing it because the social aspect of the game is too big and too addictive to just leave. Same goes for shooting games like Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead 2. I’ve played it on my own online but it gets boring after 30 minutes, but lately I’ve been playing L4D2 with friends that I’ve met on WoW and I can’t remember ever having so much fun playing a fps game as with them. Running around killing zombies in total panic and fear and hearing them scream on Skype is something I’d do any time! Okay.. The screaming on Skype might or might not just have been me… But that’s less important…

Then there is League of Legends. The game with the worst community reputation in the world. Everyone who tried the game has met that one person. That absolute cunt that ruins the game for everyone, raging and flaming and just being an idiot! There are times where I can’t stand the game and people. Playing several games a day for weeks with people being so childish you couldn’t imagine just kills the game for you. I’ve been lucky to have 2-3 people from my school to play with, which is 1 less cunt to worry about. Of course that leaves 3 others (plus the other team) so it can still be quite annoying to play. Of course everyone isn’t as bad as I make it sound.

In the past week I’ve played LoL for several hours with a group of people, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun and enjoyed it as much! It’s quite random that I ended up playing with this group, I started following their blog/site and got asked to play with them at some point. It is on the NA server so the time difference is quite a bitch and the latency ain’t the best, but it’s really worth it. Ud1eBy (yeah, that is actually the clan name and it’s quite hard to read what it says, but apparently it’s pronounced You Die By <Insert player name>) is a NA based clan, and although I only know them from LoL I’ve heard something about other games and platforms. I don’t really know what to say about it other than they are a bunch of great people who I’ve really enjoyed playing with, even if it hasn’t been more than a couple of hours and I do really recommend checking their wordpress blog/site!

I’m not entirely sure what this post is supposed to be about, but I think it has something to do with that for me it’s not always the game itself that’s important but rather the social aspects. I’d rather play the most boring game on the planet with good friends rather than playing an awesome game by myself.

I think that’s it for now so Mike is over and out!

Welcome to (elo)hell!

Normally I am not the person that flames, insults and rages at other people while playing online, but sometimes I just can’t help it.. If you’ve ever played ranked matches in League of Legends I’m sure you know the feeling!

At first I didn’t believe in elohell, I’ve seen people write on the forums and facebook and constantly whining about it, and I pretty much just laughed at it, thinking they were being immature and whining over nothing. But I was being naive, and elohell came smashing to my face with a frying pan. Now in before people saying elohell isn’t true, we have to have a clear definition of the term elohell. I’ve looked around to find the perfect definition but it isn’t that easy to find so I’ll try to do it myself: “Elohell is when you feel like your skills are at a higher level than your current rating.” I’m currently at ~1200 rating, but I honestly feel like I could be around 1400-1500, but I can’t progress because LoL is a team game and you can’t win it by yourself. No, you really can’t, stop saying you can! If you managed to get fed, great! But do remember that the entire enemy team is fed as well, and will most likely get every dragon, baron, blue/red buff out there and will completely out farm your team while you’re trying to defend that inhibitor. Still believe you can carry the game yourself? Well then you’re just as naive as I thought!

I’ve recently started playing ranked, started in late season 2 and still going. I don’t usually go solo queue though, as I do prefer to have as many skilled player on my team as possible. Me and a friend usually duo-queue, and for the past weeks we’ve been dominating botlane, but what does it help when you have a jungler that has a score of 0/10/0? or a top and mid lane failing? Sure, you can exit the laning phase while being behind and still win in the late game, I’ve done that several times. But sometimes the people on my team are so horrible bad that you just might as well surrender at the 20 minute mark.

I do realise that everyone can have a bad game and a bad day, I’ve had that before and I’m sure I’ll have it at some point again, but I don’t screw it up so big that my team can’t win. I’ve had a score as 1/7/8 as an AD carry, horrible game for me, but with teamwork we’ve still been able to win. I’m pretty sure I’m not the cause of elohell and why am I sure of that? Well because I played normal for ages, I didn’t wanna go into ranked because I felt I wasn’t good enough. Practice makes perfect, and I became a lot better and now I feel that I should raise my game and be around the ~1500 rating.
Please practice a bit more in normal games before you go into ranked. If you don’t feel like you’re good enough, practice a bit more. No one will gain anything if you don’t know how to play ranked, you will most likely cause a loss and people will report you which might get you banned in the end.

Right, I had to get that off my chest, it’s been bothering me for a while. I do apologize if it doesn’t make much sense, I got disturbed several times while writing this! But that is it for now, Mike is over and out!

The era of MOBA games

In the past few years the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre has been booming and is now ever so popular! Obviously MOBA games have been around for a very long time, ever since the DOTA (Defense of the Ancient) Mod in Warcraft III back in 2002. I really love playing these MOBA games, it’s really entertaining, can be quite hard and require a bit of skill and it’s always fun to play together with 4 friends. But today there are a lot of different MOBA games, so which one should you play?! I haven’t played all of the games, but I have tried 3 of the most popular games:

All of the MOBA games are quite alike, you play 5 vs. 5 and you need to kill the other teams Towers and in the end the base, that’s more or less MOBA in a nutshell. So what are the big differences in the games?

DOTA2 is the direct sequel of the DOTA Mod for Warcraft 3, and therefore seen as the only real MOBA games by a lot of the fanbois. But the big difference is in the metagame.. In DOTA2 you don’t need a jungler, and you don’t have a specific line-up in the lanes like you do in LoL. You often see 3 people in a lane, or none at all as people are running around ganking other lanes. But one of the key differences, if you ask me, is the creep denying. You can kill your own minions which prevents the enemy team to get full exp. and money.
There are a few other differences such as destructible trees, which makes it easier to hide and gank. Also in DOTA2 you have to spend your gold often, since you lose money if you die, where in LoL you can stack gold for ages. But my favourite difference between DOTA2 and other games is the artwork, the way the game looks. It looks really dim and.. I actually don’t have a word to explain it, but it looks sooo good!

League of Legends
League of Legends.. The big guy in the MOBA era. This game has become one of the most popular games in the world, especially when it comes to eSport. But why is the game so popular? I don’t know the exact reason, but I could imagine it’s because it’s easy to learn but hard to master. You don’t have to worry about denying in LoL as it’s not possible, the different lanes has a certain line-up and overall it’s really easy to understand what’s going on. Another thing that really makes LoL different is the artwork. It’s.. so.. cartoonish! A lot of people that play Heroes of Newerth or DOTA2 have a hard time to take LoL serious because of the way it looks. But it’s not a downside at all, they really pulled it off, so even if it looks cartoonish it still has some great artwork and details.

Heroes of Newerth
Heroes of Newerth is the least known/played of these 3 games… I’ve only played it briefly and I honestly couldn’t see any differences in gameplay between DOTA2 and HoN. I really don’t know what to say about this game, it’s just like DOTA2 and the Warcraft 3 DOTA if you ask me.

Oh Smite you sexy sexy game! Smite is easily my favourite MOBA game ever. It’s so different from every other game but still has the same objectives as the others. In Smite you’re controlling your champion in a 3rd person view! Yes, you heard me, 3rd person view in a MOBA game. This makes the game so much more tense as you constantly have to turn your camera around to watch out for enemies. You can’t see if someone is coming up behind you and this makes communication so important in the game. Another important factor is that jungling isn’t supported in the game. There is a jungle and neutral creeps, but you cannot stay in the jungle as in other games, you have to stay in the lane.
The game is still in BETA, so there can still be lots of changes, but so far the game looks so amazing, and I especially love the champions/history in the game. Every champion is based on the Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu and Chinese mythology. Finally we can see God is the most powerful!

Not sure if any of this makes any sense or would make you consider or reconsider playing any of the games, but if you’re not already playing one of these games I can easily recommend them (especially Smite!). LoL is free to play, so it’s an obvious choice for some of you, while DOTA2 is around €30 , but for some reason Steam has been sending me 3 DOTA2 keys, so I guess I could give two of them away! If you’re interested in getting the key do let me know!

But that is it for me today, Mike is over and out!

The team is bigger than the player!

Ever since I decided that I wanted to get a bit more serious about my gaming, and become a bit more than just another game out there, I’ve really tried to improve my gaming on Starcraft, but it’s really demotivating to get rape over and over again by those damn Koreans! Although I’m starting to win a few more games than I usually do, I’m still stuck in Bronze League and it is sort of frustrating… Yeah I know I shouldn’t expect to become that good right away, as it does take time and practice, but I was hoping it to be just a tad better than this!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m way better off being in a team rather than going solo! When ever I play 2v2 or more on Starcraft I’ve been able to get to higher leagues, even all the way up to Platinum!
No, I’m not saying that I suck at 1v1 or that I’m getting carried by my team, I’m saying that I’m a team player! It’s not only in Starcraft, but also in League of Legends where, if I just have a decent team, manage to do pretty well, and if I’d play ranked I’m sure I could get up there somewhere (that’s me trying to be honest without sounding too selfish!).

I’ve also just started to get interested in World of Warcraft again, seeing as PvP is still fun there, and I’ve found a group of people who are good at it, and they keep going at the rated battlegrounds, and they are doing good! Again here, whenever I’ve joined them I have been doing rather good!

So now I’m sort of wondering if I should cut down on the 1v1 in games like Starcraft (which is kinda sad since the game is great fun!) and go to the more team based games like LoL, WoW or FPS games. Even if the FPS games become so horrible boring after 2-3 hours of gameplay!

Now some of you might think “Mike don’t be such a pussy and give up already!!”.. Well I’m not giving up, since I’ll still play the game and wanting to get to higher leagues, but team based games got my interest yet again!

But that’s it for me now, Mike is going back to studying for the exam!

(And I still have that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. product key if anyone is interested!)