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League of Legends at the Olympics

OlympicFor not too long ago it was announced that League of Legneds was finally deemed a professional sport, which means players could now get working visas for the United States. And this was huge for League of Legends and eSport as a whole.

But as if that was not enough: P4RGaming announced yesterday that it was accepted and announced for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!

We spoke with the Jacques Rogge, current president of the International Olympics Committee, as to why they allowed this eSport to make it into the Olympics.

“We needed a way to make the Olympics more accessible for young people,” said Rogge via his translator, “The sad part is, youth these days do not have the interest or capability to take up other Olympic sports. By introducing the League of Legends as a sport, we hope to rejuvenate the Olympics and maybe get some more youth interested in other Olympic sports like weightlifting or handball.”


Okay.. now before I move on, let me just take my time to calm you down and reassure you that this is NOT an actual thing, there is no League of Legends or any other video game for the Olympics. After P4RGaming released this announcement I dug in to find some source or other websites having the same news, but without luck. They were the only one who had this breaking news, (although a lot of people and websites quoted them on this). So I did a bit of research on them and it turns out that P4RGaming is 100% satire. It’s very well written, and if you don’t know them and only stumbled upon them once or twice you might actually believe what they are writing, I know I did!

But anyway… what if this was actually true? I mean… sure, the IOC would never agree to let a video game become an Olympic sport, but what if? Even if it’s just a troll post, there is some truth in it. eSport, believe it or not, actually requires a whole lot of physical exercise. Yeah okay, you don’t need to be able to lift 70kg or run a marathon to click a mouse or keyboard, but it is exhausting to sit through those gaming sessions and be 100% focused, just like chess. And come on.. if curling can be called a sport then sure eSport can as well!

I had a post, many many moons ago, where there was a podcast that discussed the matter – should eSport me at the Olympics? Back then I said yes, and I sure as hell still do. Bringing this topic to the table and discuss it would in everyone’s interest: the game developers get more attention, the gamers and gaming community gets more recognition and the rest of the world gets to see what all the fuzz is about.
If this was to happen, I’m sure it would bring a whole new crowd to the Olympics –  there is a huge, huge group of people who are not interested in sport what so ever, let alone the Olympics.

Even though this would probably never happen, I’m sure this could subject could give a lot of positive feedback to the gaming community, and maybe some of the big media companies could start cover eSport, so that the people who are dedicated to it could actually make a living of it.eSports2

My head was filled with thoughts on the subject, and I wanted to write it all down, but somehow I just started to ramble near the end, but I hope you get my point!


I wanna be a pro

Ever since I saw my first eSport match I wanted to become a pro gamer and make the plays you see on screen every day. Now, the problem is that you have to put a lot of effort and dedication into it, and people who know me know I’m lazy as fuck, which really doesn’t help. I can’t really play Starcraft 2 since I rage and smash whatever I can get my hands on when I lose, especially if it’s a cheese. In League of Legends I feel like I could be somewhat good, but then the problem is that I have to find 4 other players that have the same mindset as me. I find it so much easier to put lots of effort into it when there are other people counting on you, which makes LoL (or any MOBA game) a great pick for me, but I just can’t seem to find the right people.

I have few RL friends that I play with and we have been trying to play some tournaments etc. but they just can’t seem to care as much as I want them to. We were supposed to play a tournament today with a signup deadline on Thursday, but they we couldn’t find enough players and some of the people decided to say yes Friday evening, which is way too late… Anyway, I just really want to play in tournament and actually have a chance to win! Ain’t that much to ask for is it? Ah well.. When I’m done with school in 2 months time I’ll be able to put more time and effort into it and see if I can find like minded players!
Oh well… always good to rant a bit eh? Anyway that’s about it for now guys, but before I let you go have a listen to my current favourite Youtube’er Temp0 down below!

Toxic behaviour in League of Legends

It’s well known in the gaming community that MOBA games have the worst and most toxic behaviour, especially League of Legends. There is always that one guy spamming, raging, and just completely destroys the entire game experience.

But in the past several months we have seen Riot taking action and trying to work towards a better community behaviour. First there was The Tribunal, where the community could look at cases from in game reports and ban/pardon said player.

This didn’t really do the trick though, people that got banned just seemed to get more frustrated, and not really changing the behaviour of players. So they decided to give the players that have been punished a chance to look at the case, so that they could see what they did to deserve the ban, and even share it with friends. This really seemed to change a lot of peoples behaviour.

More recently Riot started adding tips on how to behave in game. I can’t remember the exact tips, but they do give you some tips/hints such as if you show good behaviour you’re more likely to win the game, or if you do flame/rage/whatnot then you’re more likely to lose.

And then there is the new(ish) Honour system. I personally saw big change in the chat right away, after this was introduced. People seemed to really want to get the banner on your portrait, and therefore didn’t really rage or whine or anything. They were actually more helpful and polite. But of course this only lasted for a few months and now it’s as if they don’t care about that banner any more.

A friend of mine sent me a link from a presentation by Riot employee Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin, giving a speech on Fixing toxic online behavior in League of Legends. It’s only 25 minutes long, and I really recommend having a look at it. It might only be a PR show from their side, but it makes me believe that they are actually doing what they can do to get rid of the title as “The worst gaming community”.

Fraps test – Silver League duo queue

This post is more or less just a test from my site to see if I could modify the page a little bit.

I finally managed to get myself to see how fraps and games would run on my computer, and so far it seems to run rather smoothly.

I played a ranked League of Legends game with a friend of mine. Silver League duo queue with a premade botlane (Zyra/Draven), and we pretty much dominated the game, but still it wasn’t a game that went as good as it should, but let’s blame the others shall we?

Chinese artwork for League of Legends

I’ve always been quite a fan of Chinese/Asian artwork, and I recently discovered that the Chinese League of Legends server had different artwork (and regional skins) than the European and American. The Chinese artwork is more manga like I guess, while the western servers have more cartoonish stuff, which makes perfect sense I guess, but oh does the Chinese look so much better!

I mean, just look at the difference! Western artwork at the top and the Chinese at the bottom. How could you possible ever want the Western artwork when you can choose the blue badass?!

So as I found out how badass it looked I also realised that you could just switch out the artwork-folder-thingie and get it, which is awesome! Oh.. and while writing this I kinda realised that apparently it’s only the artwork and not the actual ingame characters that have different looks.. which kinda sucks.. but still, it’s worth changing!

I mean.. What on earth is that?! The Western (Upper picture) just looks like crap… I could draw that!

But either way.. Here’s a quite nice guide how to easily change it around and I do recommend doing it!

But that’s it for now guys, enjoy the Chinese artwork!

So much to do and so little time!

Oh wow I just realised how long ago since my last post here! Not exactly sure why I haven’t blogged for a while, but it’s a damn shame that I haven’t! Since my last posts quite a lot has happened so let’s take it from the start of the year (happy new year by the way!).

As most of you might have realised by now I spend quite a lot of my spare time playing World of Warcraft. Since I started way back I’ve been playing on Bladefist and never really got settled on any other server that I tried. But as many other servers it started to suffer from lack of players, and quite fast it became hard to even find a pug, profession crafter or a battleground group, the server was more or less dead. My guild then decided to transfer, and I have to say I’ve never been so angry or disappointed in their decision! As mentioned I’ve been playing on the server for ever, and it felt like home (or at least it did before MoP got launched), people knew my character and I refused to leave. I was still hoping to have take back my “glory and reputation” as it was in The Burning Crusade. But it seemed to me like I was the only one in the guild who didn’t want to transfer and so the guild did. Of course I moved with them, since the guild is pretty much the reason I still play the game. But still, almost 2 months since the transfer I haven’t quite got used to it, and I’m not satisfied. It just seems so wrong to play on a PVE server when you’re used to PVP! You can’t just let that scumbag horde take your mineral vein or the quest mob, you should kill him for that! Oh… nope, you just have to sit back like a sucker and wait for the next one. But of course the transfer had its benefits. We seem to be back to proper raiding and have gotten quite a few new recruits to the guild!

But enough of the QQ’ing. The new year has also had great news from the eSport scene. eSport is bigger and more popular than ever! In February Riot’s League of Legends Championship Series started and I’ve never enjoyed watching LoL as much as now! LCS is, as far as I know, only in Europe and North America and each region has their tournament and teams. 8 teams in region, in Europe it’s Evil Geniuses, Gambit Gaming, Fnatic, SK Gaming, Giants, Dragonborns, Against All Authority and last but not least Copenhagen Wolves. In North America there are Curse, Team Solo Mid, Team Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, compLexity, Good Game University, Team MRN and Vulcun. I haven’t seen too much of the NA games due to time differences and so on, so can’t say much about that. But the European games have been amazing! We’ve seen such good plays throughout the season and there is only more to come! Now obviously everyone has a favourite in the tournament, and obviously I’m cheering for Copenhagen Wolves. Sure, they haven’t been able to take a win yet, but they have been playing amazingly good and have had their fair shot at taking the win. There are quite a few reasons for this, but I do believe the main reason is that they have had a stand-in ever since the start because one of their main players have been under aged and therefore not allowed to play. And then last week they needed another stand-in since their midlaner got mugged the very morning of the games and not being able to play. But I’m am 100% certain they will get their first win this weekend!
Oh yeah.. The NA games are being played on thursday and friday and the European games are played Saturday and Sunday, so do tune in to  enjoy and support eSport!

Another big deal in the world of eSport is that Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is being released! OMGOMG nerd chills! The game looks awesome, the new units creates a whole new style of play and absolutely throws over the zergs and their recent dominance on the scene. The new maps is also a pleasant sight, nice with a change you know? So 19 days, if I know how to count, and then the game is out! Obviously someone has been playing the beta, and I envy them so much! I have my own beta key and I feel so bad for not playing it but I simply can’t find the time to play it, and it bugs the shit out of me! But I swear I’ll play it a lot more, if not now then when the game is released!

But the thing I’m most excited about right now is that I have been able to get my foot inside of eSport! Sure, nothing big right now, but I’m hoping it’s going to grow and I’ll surely do what I can to make it so. I have joined Team ephix as their news reporter! The team is fairly new and only had a CS:GO and PES team to start with, but two days ago we’ve been able to add a LoL team to the squad. I’m really excited about this since CS:GO is kinda boring to watch, but mainly because the team seems to have really big ambition and is aiming to play in the midterm qualifiers for the LCS tournament!

But yeah, that’s about the big stuff going on right now for me. I’ve been doing a lot more of course, but I don’t feel the need to mention it, but all I can say is that there is so much to do and so little time!

But one thing is for sure… Mike is over and out!

Some thoughts on the multiplayer aspects of games

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I’ve played anything I could get my hands on, from Tetris to Starcraft. But I’ve realised what is the most important for me when it comes to gaming. Time and time again it’s not the singleplayer games that I keep going back to, it’s the multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends and so on.

I have been playing WoW for way too many years and even if the game has become rather dull I can’t stop playing it because the social aspect of the game is too big and too addictive to just leave. Same goes for shooting games like Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead 2. I’ve played it on my own online but it gets boring after 30 minutes, but lately I’ve been playing L4D2 with friends that I’ve met on WoW and I can’t remember ever having so much fun playing a fps game as with them. Running around killing zombies in total panic and fear and hearing them scream on Skype is something I’d do any time! Okay.. The screaming on Skype might or might not just have been me… But that’s less important…

Then there is League of Legends. The game with the worst community reputation in the world. Everyone who tried the game has met that one person. That absolute cunt that ruins the game for everyone, raging and flaming and just being an idiot! There are times where I can’t stand the game and people. Playing several games a day for weeks with people being so childish you couldn’t imagine just kills the game for you. I’ve been lucky to have 2-3 people from my school to play with, which is 1 less cunt to worry about. Of course that leaves 3 others (plus the other team) so it can still be quite annoying to play. Of course everyone isn’t as bad as I make it sound.

In the past week I’ve played LoL for several hours with a group of people, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun and enjoyed it as much! It’s quite random that I ended up playing with this group, I started following their blog/site and got asked to play with them at some point. It is on the NA server so the time difference is quite a bitch and the latency ain’t the best, but it’s really worth it. Ud1eBy (yeah, that is actually the clan name and it’s quite hard to read what it says, but apparently it’s pronounced You Die By <Insert player name>) is a NA based clan, and although I only know them from LoL I’ve heard something about other games and platforms. I don’t really know what to say about it other than they are a bunch of great people who I’ve really enjoyed playing with, even if it hasn’t been more than a couple of hours and I do really recommend checking their wordpress blog/site!

I’m not entirely sure what this post is supposed to be about, but I think it has something to do with that for me it’s not always the game itself that’s important but rather the social aspects. I’d rather play the most boring game on the planet with good friends rather than playing an awesome game by myself.

I think that’s it for now so Mike is over and out!