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Blizzard Allstars get’s a name change, and BlizzCon moves closer!


Finally there is something new about Blizzards MOBA game! It’s been a very long time without any information whatsoever, but now it is official. The Blizzard Allstar has changed name to Heroes of the Storm, and even has their own section on!

With the name change and the new website, they released an announcement video, made by non other than the famous SC2 fan artist Carbot, and do I really have to say how awesome it is?!


Together with the announcement, they have also released the schedule for BlizzCon 2013. It is looking really good so far, although it doesn’t look like there will be any big surprises. Some Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls information, along with what’s next in the World of Warcraft and then a better look at said MOBA. All in all a really interesting schedule, but sadly no big surprises – yet.

With BlizzCon moving oh so close, I am still keeping to my predictions: Hearthstone released at BlizzCon, Heroes of the Storm will be announced and released in May/June 2014, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls to be announced for 2014, although they don’t want to set a date, and a new look into what the next World of Warcraft expansion might look like!

All in all, quite exciting news, and more to come in the near future! I will keep up with the updates and post anything new here, as my predictions will be confirmed, so keep an eye on it!


BlizzCon 2013

Happy New year peeps! And what  a glorious year it looks to be! Few hours into the 2013 the first good news from the gaming news arrived. Mike Morhaime announced on twitter that there would be a BlizzCon this year! BlizzCon is a yearly event for Blizzard Entertainment where they most of the time announce upcoming games, expansions packs and whatnot.

I am quite excited about this one, for a few reasons. First of all the event is amazing! The show is awesome, the WoW Arena and Starcraft 2 tournaments are great and not to mention the Q&A with the game developers! Then there is the main point of BlizzCon: the games! One of the games I hope to be announced is the expansion pack for Diablo 3. Seeing as it’s been almost a year now, and still 10 months to go till BlizzCon, I can almost (but just almost) guarantee that there will be an expansion announced. But what I am more interested in and excited about is if the expansion would be the rumoured Project Blackstone!
I’m also wondering if we’ll get to hear about a new expansion for World of Warcraft. Yes I know Mist of Pandaria just got released ½ year ago, but they did say they would release new expansion more frequently, so this could happen.. Maybe we’ll finally get to see the Emerald Dream! And then there is Blizzard Allstars, which they have been mentioning oh so many times before. I really hope this games will be released soonish, I mean.. Who wouldn’t want to beat the crap out of Arthas with the Queen of Blades?! Or teach Diablo a lesson with the magnificent Jaina Proudmoor? There were rumours that it would be released with Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, but that was shut down by Dustin Browder, “the game will be released when it’s ready” – boy have we heard that one before!

Now to the most exciting stuff. Project Titan! Okay, it’s been a few years since it was mentioned for the first time, and I honestly doubt that we’ll see a release date any time soon. But I am still hoping to hear a bit more about it, to see what it is.. A new MMORPG? A FPS? Or something completely else? Shame it’s so long to BlizzCon…

Hopefully I’ll win the lottery so that I get the chance to go to Anaheim and actually see it! But, that is rather unlikely as I don’t play the lottery… Perhaps I should start to remove people for money.. or hope one of you lovely people want to buy me a ticket! ❤ No..? Oh well, was worth a try! BUT that is it for me now, Mike is over and out!

Time to get serious!

Alright peeps! It’s time for me to step up my gaming! So far I’ve only played at a casual level (well… I am in a LoL team that is trying to get semi serious, but not sure where that’s going right now), but I’ve always wanted to get more serious, and get good enough to at least compete in the smaller online tournaments and all that, and if my skills just simply ain’t enough, I could get the knowledge and know-how to be able to cast some matches or something like that!

The only game that I know of, and doesn’t require a whole team to compete is Starcraft II, so that’s what’s going to take a decent amount of my time for a while (don’t worry, I wont stop playing the other games that I currently play!).

If you don’t know the game and how tournaments and all that work, then here’s a short introduction:

What is Starcraft II?

Well, it is an RTS (real time strategy) game, where you build up a base and try to destroy the enemy base, simple as that! There are 3 races: Terran, Zerg and Protoss, and they each have their style, strengths and all that.

Ladder system: 

In-game you start off with getting placed in a league… There are 7 leagues in total, Bronze is the lowest league and where you’ll find most of the noobs. Silver and Gold is somewhat the same as Bronze, just higher level and bit better skilled, and somewhat goes for Platinum, even though it’s a quite decent league to be in. Diamond is the one to aim for to start with… here you’ll find a lot of good and even pro gamers that haven’t quite made it to Masters League. Masters League is where the top 2% in each region are placed. And then we have the Grand Master League, and this is the top pro players! There can only be 200 players in Grand Master League, and it’s frigging hard to get into!

Obviously, I’d want to be in the Grand Master League, but to make it at least a bit realistic I wanna aim for Platinum, as it’s the top of the ‘noobs’!


Now this is where it gets interesting! Every Starcraft players dream would be to get to compete at the big events such as GSL, BlizzCon and DreamHack (I’m sure there are plenty more big ones but let’s just leave it at this). There are of course smaller events around the world all the time, with smaller prize pool and “less” famous players. And last but not least there are the online tournaments… Weekly (and even some daily) tournaments where there is a prize pool of $100 or access to the bigger events.

The matches are played 1v1 with a best of 3/5/7, and most of the time it’s one player playing all the matches, even though you do see a few team tournaments, but they aren’t as popular.

That was a short introduction to the world of Starcraft II, and hopefully it’ll be something I can compete in! So in the next few posts there might be a bit too much Starcraft in it, just so that I can brag with my skills, and just let ya’ll know how it’s going!

If you’re a Stacraft II player, do feel free to add me @ eCtoPlasmA #737 (on the European server) and you could teach me a thing or two… or just kick my ass, which ever you prefer!

Oh and by the way… I do for some reason have a S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat product key laying around, so if you’re interested in getting it let me know! (I haven’t played the game yet, but the trailer doesn’t look….. well… yeah…. BUT HEY! it’s a free game right?!)

That’s it for now guys, Mike is over and out!