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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,200 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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Mike is down for maintenance.. or something like that.

What’s up guys, long time no see!
It didn’t take me long to fuck up my “promise” to keep posting at a regular level.. it actually only took me a week.. oh well.. But it has just been one of those periods where I haven’t felt like writing anything, and me not feeling there is anything interesting to write about. I told myself to start streaming regularly as well, and it all went great! I had a few regular viewers, and got new followers by each stream session! However, it got interrupted by a series of events.. I got a friend of mine visiting me, family was in Denmark and Sweden that I had to hang out with, and then there was my second monitor deciding it was time to die. Sure, I could have streamed a few times with my family around and having a friend over, however it was the monitor that really killed it for me.
One of the best part of streaming is to read a (hopefully) active chat, and to interact with the viewers, no matter how few they are, and with the lack of a second screen it made it kinda hard, and I was left with two or three choices. 1. to only use one screen and therfore being forced to tab between the game and chat/twitch, to keep up with chat. 2. To move my TV so that it was next to the computer and 3. not to stream for a while.
The first choice was an absolut no-go. I would not put myself and the viewers through the pain of constant alt+tabbing. I would probably forget it most the time and just get absorbed into the game and therfore ignore the chat, or I would alt+tab so often, that I’d end up catching an epileptic seizure. None of that sounded appealing to me, if I have to be honest (even if an epileptic seizure would probably have gotten me a fair bit of views on YouTube.. “Nerd spasms out on live stream”.. yeah..).
I was tempted to move my TV though.. It wouldn’t be optimal, but I would be able to keep up with the chat. The biggest problem, however, was the fact that it’s a big ass TV (42″), so to put it next to the computer would make it look odd and missplaced, and it would look so messy. So I basically ended up with the 3rd option, to not stream for a while. So that’s that, I’m currently waiting to get my hands on a 2nd monitor (*hint hint* send me one!), and untill then there wont be much of a stream.

And just as I said there wouldn’t be a stream, I’ll say the exact opposite! In January I will be streaming (not on my pc though) Amnesia: Machine for Pigs. I’m not sure why I’ve agreed to do this, but I feel I owe her that much. And by her I mean Korobeiniki (sorry if I misspelled your name, too lazy to look it up). I’ve been “co-streaming” Amensia with her, and might have laughed a bit too much, and might have ended up promising on stream that I would stream the 2nd game. So that’s that. Now another interesting thing is that I will also be attending my very first international LAN event! Okay calm down..! It sounds a whole not more interesting when I say it like that. BUt it is a LAN however, no matter how small it is. I mean, it will be in Sweden, and there will be at least 2 nationalitis, pretty darn international, right?! I was talking about having a 31-day stream session in January (Streamuary?), but plans changed and we’ve decided to have a LANuary! Clever names, I know! So far we’re only 3, and I have no idea how many people we can fit, but it will be amazing! It will be streamed on two streams (Mine and Koro’s) and we’ll make it all fancy! I’m hoping to get a few other people (*hint* Adam *hint*) to join, however as I said, I have no idea how many we’ll fit.. but that is no reason not to hope! So that is what’s planned for the nearest future for me, gamingwise at least!N

Now, another thing I’m quite excited about, and looking forward to, is the WildStar beta stress test! Yesterday I received an email with a beta key (for the stress test only, sadly) for this weekend, and it will be amazing! I have seen quite a few videos and streams with it, and I cannot wait to try it out, hopefully it’ll be an MMO that can compete with World of Warcraft! What sucks however, is that a beta invite for this weekend doesn’t mean I am in for the future closed beta, and even more so that I cannot write or tell anyone about what I’ve played in the game. And since it’s a stress test I will probably just end up being stuck on the loading screen due to crashes, and not able to play beacuse of bugs, but I will enjoy it nontheless!

It feels good to write again, and I’ve really missed it. However my ass is starting to get cold, as I’m sitting on this ice cold floor in Copenhagen Airport, waiting for my flight home to the Faroe Islands. It’s really bad timing that I’m going home, gamewise at least, with the WildStar stress test coming up, as I cannot play it on my own computer, and will probably end up fighting with my brother to get my hands on his pc, so that I don’t have to play on my laptop. And I really wanted to play a lot of games, replaying Skyrim, completing Mass Effect 3 and all the other games I have lying around.. I was really in the mood to play, you know? But I got “interrupted” by my Mum, when she all of a sudden bought me a ticket home for Christmas! Yeah okay, that might have sounded negative, and it wasn’t by any means. I’m really glad I could get home for Christmas, but I was getting used to the plan of not going home and just staying in Malmö and do what I do best – Nothing.

Alright that’s it for now guys, and all there is only one thing left to say!


Pokémon Origins

Most of us have played Pokémon at some point in our lives, whether it be for Nintendo, the trading cards, or perhaps even the figures – and most of us have most likely done it more than once, and in the later years. We all know the feeling of watching the Generation 1 series, and just get the urge to play the Generation 1 games for your gameboy colour; but for some reason it just didn’t quite do it every time. Something was wrong, and I was never really able to put my finger on it. But I do now, and I’m surprised I was never able to realize it before now. The story in the TV series and the story in the games didn’t fit! Not one bit!

But that is not a problem anymore. A few weeks ago the Pokémon Origins was released, and features a story that follows the exactly as it is shown in the Generation 1 games! The story follows the lead character, Red, as he travels through Kanto and encounters all the oh so well known problems, as the ghost in Lavender Town, Giovanni and Team Rocket, and others I’m sure you’ll be familiar with!

Although the Pokémon Origin only seems to be in Japanese it does have English subtitles and is more than worth the watch! It brought back so much nostalgia!
But do keep in mind that it is in Japanese, and although it might be subbed, the names still appear as the original names – just so that you don’t get confused while watching!

But now, go ahead, watch and enjoy it here!

Stream, blogs and more!

What is up guys! It’s been way too long since my last blog post, almost 2 months, and I do apologize for that! There has been a whole lot been going on, and I’ve been kept quite busy, but no more! So as I said, a lot of stuff has been going on, and one of them is indeed that I am now able to stream! For this I can ‘thank’ two things… First of all, my new computer. I bought it end of August, but since I was stuck in the Faroe Islands I was unable to get it home, unless i paid shit loads for transfer. So it was stuck in Denmark for around two weeks, until I finally went and picked it up. Which leads me to the 2nd reason I’m able to stream. I picked up my computer as I was moving to Malmö, Sweden! So why is me moving to Sweden a reason for me to stream you might ask, well.. It has great internet connection! Like seriously, my internet connection was increased tenfold, which means I now have a 100/10 Mbps (don’t worry, I’ll upgrade as soon as I have some extra money!). So if you haven’t already, then by all means come by my stream,, and hang out! Don’t make me talk to myself all day, people find me crazy as it is already!

So what else has happened? Well, as I said, I moved to Sweden. No reason for it though, but I have lived in Denmark for 3 years already, and when I moved back to the Faroe Islands, it all just became so dull, and Sweden really didn’t seem like all that bad an option, so here I am! Currently picking up on my Swedish lessons, and well.. playing games.. so that’s basically my life in Sweden right now – not so bad if you ask me!

I think being in Sweden has made a lot more possible for me. Yeah, it might have been able in Denmark as well, but it just seems so much easier in Sweden. First of all eSport is huge in Sweden, and there is a lot more activity here than in Denmark. I’m planning to soak up as much of it as possible, starting with Dreamhack Winter ’13 in November. I’m also planning to get a lot more done, in terms of blogging, streaming and uploads to YouTube, but I just have to figure out the details on that part.

Stream: This is where I want to get the most active… I want to figure out if I can have a certain streaming schedule, and if I should stick to one game most of the time, or have certain days for certain games. As it looks like now, League of Legends is the game that I’m most likely to stream the most, followed by World of Warcraft, but there are still a lot of games I want to play and re-play!

YouTube: I need to figure out how I do about this. I want to get some uploads going on YouTube, but I’m not sure if I should take it directly from the streams and just upload my broadcast. This would be so much easier, since it’s two birds with one stone – however if there is any activity in chat it might seem a bit weird to watch it on YouTube. But on the other hand, if I record it locally and then upload it, then I’m not sure how I should do it… Ah the decisions I have to make!

Blog: I really want to get back into “serious” blogging. There was a period where I had at least one post a week, and I do want to do that again. So this is a promise, mostly for myself, but you can keep me at it, that I’ll have at least one gaming related post a week, whether it’s a YouTube upload post, or just ranting about something, I’ll have 1 post up each week (let’s aim for every Wednesday shall we?)!

Hmm… that is the most exciting stuff happening at the moment I think… Well… I am working on a project with my brother, but I don’t think I’ll say too much about that at the moment, since it hasn’t been started just yet, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on that!

Right, I do think that was all for now though, I’ll be back on Wednesday!

League of Legends at the Olympics

OlympicFor not too long ago it was announced that League of Legneds was finally deemed a professional sport, which means players could now get working visas for the United States. And this was huge for League of Legends and eSport as a whole.

But as if that was not enough: P4RGaming announced yesterday that it was accepted and announced for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!

We spoke with the Jacques Rogge, current president of the International Olympics Committee, as to why they allowed this eSport to make it into the Olympics.

“We needed a way to make the Olympics more accessible for young people,” said Rogge via his translator, “The sad part is, youth these days do not have the interest or capability to take up other Olympic sports. By introducing the League of Legends as a sport, we hope to rejuvenate the Olympics and maybe get some more youth interested in other Olympic sports like weightlifting or handball.”


Okay.. now before I move on, let me just take my time to calm you down and reassure you that this is NOT an actual thing, there is no League of Legends or any other video game for the Olympics. After P4RGaming released this announcement I dug in to find some source or other websites having the same news, but without luck. They were the only one who had this breaking news, (although a lot of people and websites quoted them on this). So I did a bit of research on them and it turns out that P4RGaming is 100% satire. It’s very well written, and if you don’t know them and only stumbled upon them once or twice you might actually believe what they are writing, I know I did!

But anyway… what if this was actually true? I mean… sure, the IOC would never agree to let a video game become an Olympic sport, but what if? Even if it’s just a troll post, there is some truth in it. eSport, believe it or not, actually requires a whole lot of physical exercise. Yeah okay, you don’t need to be able to lift 70kg or run a marathon to click a mouse or keyboard, but it is exhausting to sit through those gaming sessions and be 100% focused, just like chess. And come on.. if curling can be called a sport then sure eSport can as well!

I had a post, many many moons ago, where there was a podcast that discussed the matter – should eSport me at the Olympics? Back then I said yes, and I sure as hell still do. Bringing this topic to the table and discuss it would in everyone’s interest: the game developers get more attention, the gamers and gaming community gets more recognition and the rest of the world gets to see what all the fuzz is about.
If this was to happen, I’m sure it would bring a whole new crowd to the Olympics –  there is a huge, huge group of people who are not interested in sport what so ever, let alone the Olympics.

Even though this would probably never happen, I’m sure this could subject could give a lot of positive feedback to the gaming community, and maybe some of the big media companies could start cover eSport, so that the people who are dedicated to it could actually make a living of it.eSports2

My head was filled with thoughts on the subject, and I wanted to write it all down, but somehow I just started to ramble near the end, but I hope you get my point!

3 years in denmark – time to move on

Heads up guys – this post has nothing to do with video games. Just some thoughts I’ve been having in the past month and that I felt I needed to write down.


In a week from now I finish yet a stage in my life. In a week from now I graduate and put 3 years of school behind me. In a week from now I have been living alone for 3 years.

UnavngivetBut every time I think about this I get surprised of how fast time can go. I can’t actually believe it’s been so long already… I mean, I clearly remember when I got the keys to my apartment and had to go and buy furniture’s for the first time in IKEA, and not to mention the first time I had actually cook food every day to survive… Okay to be fair I haven’t cooked food everyday… far from it actually… but anyway! When I lived back home I had absolutely no worries in my life. I was guaranteed food every day, I didn’t have to cook myself, and I didn’t have to worry about rent or laundry. But I do now, and in a way it is an amazing feeling, but at the same time very frightening. There have been days where I have been oh so short on money and fell behind on some bills and so on, and I would be thinking to myself: “Dude what the fuck are you doing, you can’t manage to live alone, go home!”. But I am no quitter, and this sure as hell wouldn’t’ stop me. So yea

h, 3 years… Damn… I have been shown a side of “real life” that I haven’t been able to see while I lived at my mums, seeing what it actually takes to be a grown up.

Today I don’t feel all that different from 3 years ago… I don’t really feel more mature or grown up or whatever, but when I think about it, I am quite different. But of course you are, you say, 3 years is a lot! And yeah, you’re right, 3 years is a lot. One of the biggest differences is that I have become a whole lot more confident in myself. A few years back I didn’t say a word to strangers, and even with people I had known for years I wouldn’t talk freely to. Today, most people have to tell me to shut the hell up. But also an overall confidence has grown, I no longer care about what other think about me, if I feel good about myself then to hell with everyone else.

So what have I been doing in the past 3 years? Well first of all I have been studying math & economics… not my smartest choice in life, but it’ll have to do. But boy am I glad I chose this line of education. The class I was put in has been nothing but amazing. It is a small class of 20 people, and I have never felt so different and yet so welcome in a group before, and I cannot imagine ever having a better class to spend 3 years of my life with. They didn’t really give a crap of who I was, where I came from or what my interests were, and it made me feel at ease. I didn’t have to prove anything, or do anything special to be accepted. It was there right from the beginning. I will surely miss the people!

Living in Denmark also gave me the chance to travel a lot more. Although I didn’t abuse this, I still managed to get something out of it. I was able to go to Linköping, Sweden, where I have a bunch of online friends and that I was able to meet for the first time, and I am so grateful that I did this.
And speaking of travels… London 2011. The second guild meeting for Viri Fortuitus, and the first one for me to attend. This was probably one of the best weekends in my life. I have spent 6 years playing World of Warcraft and spent over 4 years with this lovely bunch of people, which I had never seen in person, but yet they were such a huge part of my life.

Whilst I have been in Denmark, I have been able to see a lot more to my Danish family. Living in the Faroe Island, I only saw some of them once a year, if I was lucky. I am really happy to have been able to visit them and just be around them a lot more, although it hasn’t been as much as I hoped for. When I’m moving in around 10 days it’ll be weird not being able to visit them whenever I feel like it – I’ll surely miss that.

It’s also quite interesting to see how you change your habits when you move somewhere new. I mean… I have always been a gamer and spent shitloads of time in front of the computer. But in the Faroe Island it has been sort of… taboo… okay taboo might be a bit of an overkill, but it sure as hell wasn’t something widely accepted. In the Faroe Island you have two options in your spare time: 1. You do sport, whether you’re good or bad it doesn’t matter… it’s just not cool if you don’t. And then you go fishing. It’s all about sport and fishing, and anything that is abnormal is not acceptable. So when I moved to Denmark it was quite interesting to see that no one gave a damn about what you did. You could easily find likeminded people and share a common interest. Damn… I could actually do what I wanted to!

In around 10 days from now I will move back to the Faroe Island for the time being, whilst I figure out what to do. I have applied for a university in Sweden, but I won’t know anything till end of July. If I’m accepted, great, new chapter of my life! But on the other hand, if I don’t get accepted I’ll just have to figure something out.

But I think that’s it guys. If you read it all then thanks for reading! If you didn’t … well thank you anyway!


Thinking of getting an Xbox One? Think again!

Hey guys! I have been quite excited about the Xbox One, but I guess I’m too easily convinced by the marketing people… I found this post and it opened my eyes to what was going on. The following post ISN’T written by me, but was originally written by a guy on Facebook. I did however feel that I had to share this, since what Microsoft is doing is outrageous!

It’s quite long but trust me, it’s worth the read!

Alright, if you’re a consumer and you’re considering picking up the new Xbox One console, then please, take a moment to listen to me. Before we begin, no, I am not a fanboy or a hater. I have no console BIAS. I have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and a Gaming PC. Each has their pros and cons but now onto business.

DO NOT BUY AN XBOX ONE. Why? See the reasons below:

Xbox requires an internet connection. Here’s how it works: Every 24 hours your Xbox will try to connect to Microsofts’ servers for verification. If it is unable to connect, sucks to be you. You’re blocked from playing even single player games until it can connect.


Do you like renting games, lending them to a friend, or even borrowing them from a friend? No longer possible. Every Xbox One game you get must be registered to your Xbox live account to be played. After that point it will only work for you. No one else can use it unless they pay a fee. Essentially it works like this. You pick up a used Xbox One game from somewhere or someone, pop it into your console. The system verifies it’s been registered to your account. Uh-oh, it isn’t! In order to play it, you have to pay Microsoft a fee, which is currently slated to be full retail price. Doesn’t matter how scratched up it is or how cheap you got it at gamestop or from a friend. You aren’t just buying the physical copies anymore. You’re playing Microsoft for a LICENSE to be allowed to play the game.

It is worth mentioning Microsoft is exploring ways for you to trade in and resell your used games. This is rumored to mean that you can sell your digital license to play the game (registration) back to Microsoft, likely for microsoft points. You can then trade in the game at gamespot for some cash if you like. Either way, as it currently stands, the new owner would still have to pay a fee on top of the price of actually buying the physical copy.


Is it worth mentioning that Microsoft is shafting Indie Developers as well? Where as Playstation Network or (whatever the Wii has) Indie Developers can self publish their content easily. Playstation even encourages this. Microsoft however forces these Indie Devs to enter publishing deals with them to be allowed to market their content. You don’t go through them, you don’t get to sell what you developed.


I’m not quite done yet! Now, I’m sure you heard a lot about “TV TV TV TV SPORTS TV TV SPORTS SPORTS TV.” Yes, the Xbox is slated to be able to stream live tv, live sports, etc. So let me ask you this. You obviously already have something like cable or DirectTV. Do you really want to shell out hundreds of dollars more and pay a monthly subscription fee to have another television provider? Yes, I said hundreds of dollars, and I don’t mean the cost of the console. To view live TV from your Xbox you are required to purchase ANOTHER separate device for it to work. Why would you even consider shelling out more money for something you already have? Even if you didn’t DirectTV is cheaper. Or you could even subscribe you and watch live TV on your computer. FOR MUCH CHEAPER. You essentially have to buy another cable box if you don’t have one. And if you do… what do you need the Xbox One for?


So far we’ve discovered that the Xobx One is not really a gaming console, at least… Not a consumer friendly gaming console. It’s being marketed as an all-in-one home entertainment system. Something to replace all of the other devices in your house. But there are drawbacks even to that. Put on your tin foil hats for this part folks. Take from it what you will, all I’ll say is… possibilities…

The Xbox One’s features will not function unless the Kinect is plugged in and active. This is not an optional piece anymore.


So imagine your Kinect piece breaks? Tough luck, no more Xbox for you. But you what’s worse?

Pay attention, because this is important. The Kinect is always watching. Always listening. Even when the system is off.

Yes. One of the ways to turn on the system is to audibly say: “Xbox On” while the system is off. The Kinect, which is always on, hears you and turns it on. Now this might seem like a cool feature, but did you know Microsoft patented a feature that would allow the Kinect’s camera (it’s no longer just a sensor, but a camera) to spy on you for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)? While they may not actually do this, it is actually possible for them to do this now. It has a camera, and a microphone. The Kinect is always on. It is ALWAYS listening, ALWAYS watching.

An idea has been tossed around that by using this feature, it will allows game developers and movie producers to set a limited amount of how many people can be allowed to view the entertainment. So as a hypothetical example, you and three friends are watching a movie, which is the maximum allowed. A fourth friend enters the room and the Kinect’s sensor registers the fourth individual. The movie stops and you are prompted to pay a fee so that the extra individual may also view the film. Again, that is NOT currently the case, but these are the ideas currently being tossed around with the system’s current capabilities.

Source for listening:

Source for spying:

Now, just two more things and I’ll be done here!

This isn’t really a good or bad thing, but it’s annoying. It also explains how they can prevent you from playing a used game if you didn’t pay their fee. Xbox One no longer plays games off the discs, you HAVE to install them to the hard-drive in order to play them. I believe PS3 also has you do this (on a number of games but not always it seems), except that PS3 isn’t trying to Nickle and Dime you at every corner. It also seems according to this article there is something related to the Online portion at the beginning of the post. The option is there for Developers to require the Xbox to always be online to play their particular game. Well, it seems PC gamers and console gamers have one thing in common now… DRM.

(At least pirates on PC can bypass DRM easily. Not an option for consoles.)


And last but not least, another annoyance… Xbox One will not be compatible with any and all current headsets. Nope, companies will either have to make new headsets altogether specifically for the Xbox One, and they have to adhere to what Microsoft wants. Look forward to price gouging.


Oh, one more thing… If you have an Xbox 360, don’t get rid of it. Why? Well if you want to keep playing your old 360 games you’ll need it. The Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible. At all. Not only that, but President of Microsoft’s Xbox Divison Don Mattrick insults the very notion of backwards compatibility! He calls it: “Backwards thinking.”


Source of insult:

That is all I have to say currently folks, and I hope you took the time to read this far. I’ll conclude the following… please… PLEASE do not buy this console. Paying for this supports greedy and anti-consumer business practices. Speak with your wallet, and pass up on the Xbox One. No matter what games it might have that you want, even if they are exclusive. Do the right thing and make a statement. Refuse to be Nickle and Dimed like this. Refuse to be seen as a mindless consumer who will buy anything tossed at them.

Thank you, kindly

~Dylan Jordan

I really hope you managed to read it to the end and got as much from this as I have!