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3 years in denmark – time to move on

Heads up guys – this post has nothing to do with video games. Just some thoughts I’ve been having in the past month and that I felt I needed to write down.


In a week from now I finish yet a stage in my life. In a week from now I graduate and put 3 years of school behind me. In a week from now I have been living alone for 3 years.

UnavngivetBut every time I think about this I get surprised of how fast time can go. I can’t actually believe it’s been so long already… I mean, I clearly remember when I got the keys to my apartment and had to go and buy furniture’s for the first time in IKEA, and not to mention the first time I had actually cook food every day to survive… Okay to be fair I haven’t cooked food everyday… far from it actually… but anyway! When I lived back home I had absolutely no worries in my life. I was guaranteed food every day, I didn’t have to cook myself, and I didn’t have to worry about rent or laundry. But I do now, and in a way it is an amazing feeling, but at the same time very frightening. There have been days where I have been oh so short on money and fell behind on some bills and so on, and I would be thinking to myself: “Dude what the fuck are you doing, you can’t manage to live alone, go home!”. But I am no quitter, and this sure as hell wouldn’t’ stop me. So yea

h, 3 years… Damn… I have been shown a side of “real life” that I haven’t been able to see while I lived at my mums, seeing what it actually takes to be a grown up.

Today I don’t feel all that different from 3 years ago… I don’t really feel more mature or grown up or whatever, but when I think about it, I am quite different. But of course you are, you say, 3 years is a lot! And yeah, you’re right, 3 years is a lot. One of the biggest differences is that I have become a whole lot more confident in myself. A few years back I didn’t say a word to strangers, and even with people I had known for years I wouldn’t talk freely to. Today, most people have to tell me to shut the hell up. But also an overall confidence has grown, I no longer care about what other think about me, if I feel good about myself then to hell with everyone else.

So what have I been doing in the past 3 years? Well first of all I have been studying math & economics… not my smartest choice in life, but it’ll have to do. But boy am I glad I chose this line of education. The class I was put in has been nothing but amazing. It is a small class of 20 people, and I have never felt so different and yet so welcome in a group before, and I cannot imagine ever having a better class to spend 3 years of my life with. They didn’t really give a crap of who I was, where I came from or what my interests were, and it made me feel at ease. I didn’t have to prove anything, or do anything special to be accepted. It was there right from the beginning. I will surely miss the people!

Living in Denmark also gave me the chance to travel a lot more. Although I didn’t abuse this, I still managed to get something out of it. I was able to go to Linköping, Sweden, where I have a bunch of online friends and that I was able to meet for the first time, and I am so grateful that I did this.
And speaking of travels… London 2011. The second guild meeting for Viri Fortuitus, and the first one for me to attend. This was probably one of the best weekends in my life. I have spent 6 years playing World of Warcraft and spent over 4 years with this lovely bunch of people, which I had never seen in person, but yet they were such a huge part of my life.

Whilst I have been in Denmark, I have been able to see a lot more to my Danish family. Living in the Faroe Island, I only saw some of them once a year, if I was lucky. I am really happy to have been able to visit them and just be around them a lot more, although it hasn’t been as much as I hoped for. When I’m moving in around 10 days it’ll be weird not being able to visit them whenever I feel like it – I’ll surely miss that.

It’s also quite interesting to see how you change your habits when you move somewhere new. I mean… I have always been a gamer and spent shitloads of time in front of the computer. But in the Faroe Island it has been sort of… taboo… okay taboo might be a bit of an overkill, but it sure as hell wasn’t something widely accepted. In the Faroe Island you have two options in your spare time: 1. You do sport, whether you’re good or bad it doesn’t matter… it’s just not cool if you don’t. And then you go fishing. It’s all about sport and fishing, and anything that is abnormal is not acceptable. So when I moved to Denmark it was quite interesting to see that no one gave a damn about what you did. You could easily find likeminded people and share a common interest. Damn… I could actually do what I wanted to!

In around 10 days from now I will move back to the Faroe Island for the time being, whilst I figure out what to do. I have applied for a university in Sweden, but I won’t know anything till end of July. If I’m accepted, great, new chapter of my life! But on the other hand, if I don’t get accepted I’ll just have to figure something out.

But I think that’s it guys. If you read it all then thanks for reading! If you didn’t … well thank you anyway!



6 responses

  1. Stephanie

    If you don’t get accepted it’s time to apply for a uni in Amsterdam, or just visit me please 😀 xD
    When I imagine you beeing here & we go out to have fun, it makes me really really happy. Oh well maybe it will just stay a dream 😉

    June 22, 2013 at 08:35

    • You know I will visit when I have the money! So keep the dream alive! ^^

      June 22, 2013 at 09:08

  2. Andreas Almåsbakk

    You will surely be missed too bro, if you ever stumble across Denmark again. Give me a call.

    June 22, 2013 at 09:39

  3. Lowa

    Dude? Uni in Sweden? Where? What? Grats on graduating!! ❤

    June 22, 2013 at 10:09

    • In Lund! And start off with some swedish, just to get settled ^^ We’ll see what happens after that!

      June 22, 2013 at 10:18

  4. I approve this post 🙂 I hope you get in and begin another chapter of your life! Good luck, my boy, good luck! ❤ (And *cough* University Utrecht likes them outsiders :3)

    August 13, 2013 at 12:19

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