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IdrA released from Evil Geniuses

It’s always a very interesting process when something big happens within a pro scene, especially the eSport scene, and the last one isn’t an exception.

On May 10 Evil Geniuses announced that they were releasing Greg “IdrA” Fields from the team. The reactions whenever something IdrA related happens is always controversial, there are the real fans that support him no matter what and then there are the absolute douche bags that enjoy seeing bad stuff happen to him and hope to see one of his famous reactions to whatever happens.

Personally I am a bit shocked when I heard the news. I have never been a big fan of IdrA or Evil Geniuses but I could never have imagined mentioning one of those two without thinking of the other, to me they are the one and same thing. Although I haven’t been the biggest fan of IdrA, I have been supporting him whenever I have had the chance to watch him play and I wish I had the chance to watch him play more (damn you time zones!). There is something about IdrA that makes it so interesting to watch… First of all he’s a great player and we have seen that many times in games and tournaments, but then there is his personality and his reactions to the game. He once said he didn’t enjoy the game and only played it for the money, but I just have somewhat hard time to believe that… I mean, how can you say you only play it for the money and then get so sad and upset when you lose a game? It just confuses me to see.

I think one of the main reasons of why I like him and his personality is, that it reminds me of myself. I get easily upset when playing Starcraft 2, especially if I get a cheesy player. I bash the keyboard and mouse and whatever I can get my hands on, and most of the time I have to stop playing, just to keep myself from destroying my computer. So I can easily understand his reaction to some the cheesy crap in games.

The day after he was released from Evil Geniuses there was an interview with him by itmeJP, where IdrA was asked about his behaviour and how he reacted to EG’s managements decision on releasing him. Also, in the interview IdrA said he was stepping down to competitive play, which saddens me, but at the same time is very understandable, to focus on making more content and casting/analysing games.
This is quite interesting to me, as I have never heard or seen him cast a game before, but I am very much looking forward to it and I am pretty sure he will do an excellent job with it.

I don’t know what else to say about this really. I’m sad to see him leave EG, but if it gives him more space to be himself and do what he loves then I cannot wait to see how it goes. Best of luck from here IdrA!


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