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Toxic behaviour in League of Legends

It’s well known in the gaming community that MOBA games have the worst and most toxic behaviour, especially League of Legends. There is always that one guy spamming, raging, and just completely destroys the entire game experience.

But in the past several months we have seen Riot taking action and trying to work towards a better community behaviour. First there was The Tribunal, where the community could look at cases from in game reports and ban/pardon said player.

This didn’t really do the trick though, people that got banned just seemed to get more frustrated, and not really changing the behaviour of players. So they decided to give the players that have been punished a chance to look at the case, so that they could see what they did to deserve the ban, and even share it with friends. This really seemed to change a lot of peoples behaviour.

More recently Riot started adding tips on how to behave in game. I can’t remember the exact tips, but they do give you some tips/hints such as if you show good behaviour you’re more likely to win the game, or if you do flame/rage/whatnot then you’re more likely to lose.

And then there is the new(ish) Honour system. I personally saw big change in the chat right away, after this was introduced. People seemed to really want to get the banner on your portrait, and therefore didn’t really rage or whine or anything. They were actually more helpful and polite. But of course this only lasted for a few months and now it’s as if they don’t care about that banner any more.

A friend of mine sent me a link from a presentation by Riot employee Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin, giving a speech on Fixing toxic online behavior in League of Legends. It’s only 25 minutes long, and I really recommend having a look at it. It might only be a PR show from their side, but it makes me believe that they are actually doing what they can do to get rid of the title as “The worst gaming community”.


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