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Chinese artwork for League of Legends

I’ve always been quite a fan of Chinese/Asian artwork, and I recently discovered that the Chinese League of Legends server had different artwork (and regional skins) than the European and American. The Chinese artwork is more manga like I guess, while the western servers have more cartoonish stuff, which makes perfect sense I guess, but oh does the Chinese look so much better!

I mean, just look at the difference! Western artwork at the top and the Chinese at the bottom. How could you possible ever want the Western artwork when you can choose the blue badass?!

So as I found out how badass it looked I also realised that you could just switch out the artwork-folder-thingie and get it, which is awesome! Oh.. and while writing this I kinda realised that apparently it’s only the artwork and not the actual ingame characters that have different looks.. which kinda sucks.. but still, it’s worth changing!

I mean.. What on earth is that?! The Western (Upper picture) just looks like crap… I could draw that!

But either way.. Here’s a quite nice guide how to easily change it around and I do recommend doing it!

But that’s it for now guys, enjoy the Chinese artwork!


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