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Is the game imbalanced?

I have been following the Starcraft 2 eSport scene since I saw my first Starcraft 2 back in 2010, and I watch it every chance I get, whether it be at home, in school, on the train or even taking a dump. And I pretty much watch anyone play, from the hardcore pro’s like LiquidTLO, EGIdrA and MarinKingPrime to community streams like Day[9] and Temp0.. oh and obviously every tournament I can find (GSL, IEM, MLG and every other 3 digit tournament out there).

On every stream chat, no matter who is streaming and what they are streaming, I see the same damn thing over and over again… The endless useless talk about how the game/races/units is unbalanced!
“Oh my god Marines are OP”
“Look, GGLords incoming!”
“WTF Zerg OP!”

And this is everywhere.. as soon as a race/player has a win streak you’ll see the constant whining of imbalance. You especially noticed it in the months leading up to the Heart of the Swarm, where zergs pretty much dominated everything and took 1st place in almost (if not all) any tournament, and most of the time there were several zergs in the top of the bracket. Now, you have to understand that I’m no pro nor do I have in any specific knowledge about the game, I’m just a Silver league Starcraft 2 fan, soaking in anything the commentator/streamers wants to share. But what I do know is that the game is not as imbalanced as people keep whining about. Yes there will always be a unit that beats the other and some races will be better in different stages of the game, but I believe that if the player is good enough they can win, OP races or not!

Okay, so with Heart of the Swarm we saw a switch in the race dominance. MLG kicked off this weekend and let me just share the race distribution:
Round of 32: 12 Protoss, 10 Terrans, 10 Zerg
Round of 16: 3 Protoss, 8 Terrans, 5 Zerg

By now people should be screaming that Terrans are OP right? I mean 8 of 10 got to the next round?! And Protoss so underpowered, yeah? No…

Round of 8: 3 Protoss, 4 Terrans, 1 Zerg
Oh my god Zerg needs to be buffed and Terrans still OP! Only one left, someone call Blizzard and complain already! Hold on a minute people, let’s see how this goes.

Semifinals: 1 Protoss, 2 Terrans, 1 Zerg
Finals: 1 Terran, 1 Zerg
Oh, wait… Maybe Zergs aren’t that bad..?

And guess what.. The Zerg won the bloody thing!

Yeah yeah, you summarized the tournament, so what? Well… As I said earlier, I don’t believe the game is so imbalanced, and even if they are the really good players will find away to counter them. Terrans were praised by the commentators the entire tournament and almost guaranteeing us a Terran champion, but Life (the Zerg that won) is such an amazing player and managed to rip apart every Terran he met on his way to the finals.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that the game is NOT as imbalanced as the community keeps complaining about, and even if there could be done some minor adjustments, the real pro gamers will find a way to conquer the scene.

So I guess all there is left to say is enjoy the bloody game! And if you want to compete then you have to practice to beat the “overpowered” races. But that’s it for now peeps, Mike is over and out!


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