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My top 10 games of all time

In the past month I’ve been seeing oh so many posts ranking the best games of 2012 and the best games of all time on almost all the big gaming websites… I started to wonder what was my favourite game of all time and how on earth would I ever be able to choose?! Do I choose the game that I played the most? Or perhaps the game that had the best story and/or gameplay? Maybe it’s the game that was the most expensive (lol). But I’ve decided I would rank the games based on how much I’ve played them and the fact I could always return to the game. Halfway through the list I realised I actually didn’t have that much to say or explain why the game was so good that it made the list but it just had to.

Pokémon Blue - GB/GBC

1. Pokémon Blue

It’s always hard to pick your favourite whatever, and I had a really hard time picking my favourite game, but I ended up picking Pokémon Blue. This was my first Gameboy game and I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s one of those games that you can play over and over and over again without it ever being boring.. Sure there are other games, other Pokémon games as well, that have the same feel about it, but Blue was my first and I think it’ll always have that special place in my heart, and I’m quite satisfied that it’s #1.


2. World of Warcraft

After I picked #1 the 2nd game was fairly easier to pick. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 9th grade if I remember correctly (around 2007), and I’ve been stuck ever since. There has been periods where I’ve been so close to quitting the game because it’s been rather boring and because.. well.. wasn’t the best for your social life. But I can’t stop playing it. The game is magical and it really deserves to be the 2nd best game of all time.

3. Diablo 2

Diablo 2 should be in everyone’s top 3. This game is so amazing in every aspect. The story is incredible and the gameplay is awesome! This was one of my first pc games that I bought on my own and still is one of my best purchases ever. But even though I haven’t played the game for around 5-6 years I still remember everything about it, and I really want to play it again, if only I had the time to do so.

4. Heroes of Might and Magic III

I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t place this game a bit higher. I can’t describe how many hours I spent playing this game. On my own, with my brothers and friends and even with a nanny I had way back. Even though I absolutely sucked at his game I couldn’t let it go.

5. Warcraft 3

When I first thought of the list I was pretty damn sure that Warcraft 3 (including the expansion pack) would be in my top 3 and I’m sad to see it isn’t. This was my first RTS game and this world was almost as magical as World of Warcraft (who would have guessed?). I never knew how to play 1v1 and I was horrible at the DoTa mod (which also was my first interaction with the MOBA world). I think Warcraft was one of the main reasons for me getting into WoW, which was why I thought it would be higher on the list. But it got a neat 5th place though!

6. Counter-Strike

I wasn’t sure if Counter-Strike should make the list as I haven’t played it for way too many years. But I have played it just as much as Heroes, Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2 and therefore I think it should make the list.

7. Crash Bandicoot

Oh good old Crash Bandicoot… I think this was one of our first Playstation games and… Okay honestly don’t know what to say about it.. The game is fun and can entertain me for hours. Although I should note that it’s the first 3 games I had in mind, not the newer games.

8. Grand Theft Auto

A classic piece of video games. The first 2d games (I do believe it was for Playstation) was so exciting and different from the other games I had played. I didn’t own it myself so had to borrow it from my cousin. This made it even more awesome I think since I couldn’t play it as often as I wanted. When Vice City game out it changed everything. Okay maybe not everything but boy was it a game to play, I mean sure we’ve had driving games and games where you’d have to kill to survive, but I don’t think there was any game where the bad guy was the hero. The same goes for San Andreas really, and now that I think about it… God I want to play GTA San Andreas!

9. Skyrim and Mass Effect 2

2 games?! You’re cheating!! Yes, yes I am, and why? Well because I felt these two games deserved to be on the list. They both have amazing story and gameplay and I’ve spent so so many hours on them.

10. World Cup 98

Okay.. I couldn’t help it… This game is amazing and without a doubt my favourite football game ever..!


Some of the explanations/description was quite short, but if you ever played the game you know they don’t need to be explained, they just need to be played! I do believe this is my top 10 list, but I also believe it can be changed easily, depending on when you ask me, so let’s just go with this list, shall we?
But this is it from me for now, Mike is over and out!


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