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3 months with Mist of Pandaria

Mist of Pandaria has been out for a couple of months now and I figured I would have a look at how it has been. I have heard a lot of people saying it’s been the best expansion so far, but there has also been a lot of people saying it’s been the worst shit ever, that it ruined the game.  I definitely don’t agree with the last one, I quite liked the game. But I’m not sure if I think it’s the best expansion either.

I’m a bit torn when it comes to the world. Pandaria has some zones that looks absolutely amazing. I literally fell in love when I got to the Jade Forest for the first time. Everything was so well detailed. The music was amazing, so China/Asian-like, the landscape was beautiful, with all those pointy mountains, almost like Thousand Needles just not as boring! The quests and characters we’re just simply fantastic. I really really loved this zone.
But the other zones.. I mean, it’s as if they didn’t put as much effort into it as with Jade Forest. Okay, I haven’t completed all the quests, so not 100% sure how the quests and characters are. But the zones are so so boring to look at! Krasarang Wilds and Dread Wastes was horrible! I honestly can’t make myself do the quests there, but with the new patch I have to pull myself together and get it done. The two others; Kun Lai Summit and Vale of Eternal Blossom was quite great as well. The Vale looks like a valley an emperor would hide from the world and only keep to himself, I really have to spend more time there! Kun Lai was quite entertaining to quest and the zone was generally awesome, especially Mount Neverrest! Overall I would say they did a quite good with Pandaria, 8/10 from me (yes, I actually rated it!)!

When MoP was released I was really hoping that I could get back to raiding with the guild. Raiding is the main reason for playing the game (except the social part), and we have somewhat done that. We haven’t done as good as I was hoping on the progress, but we’ve raided 2-3 times a week which is awesome. The raid has been… interesting Mogu’shan Vaults had really awesome mechanics and was really good looking. Although I didn’t like the fact that they used a Troll as a boss, yeah yeah, I’m sure it fits the lore and all that, but we’ve been dealing with the damn trolls throughout the history of the game. The other thing that bothers me with the raid is that they somewhat took the boss design from Ulduar, yeah I know it’s not exactly the same, but the fact that it’s spectral is kinda weird. But I’m really enjoying the raid so far, and I hope we can clear it soon enough! Heart of the Fear has quite awesome mechanics as well, but I honestly don’t like the artwork of it at all! I haven’t raided it enough to actually give a valid review of it, but so far it’s nowhere near the top of my favourite-raid-list! Overall I would give raiding a rating of 6/10.

Last point I would like to have a look at is the PvP. In early MoP I did do quite a lot of (rated) battlegrounds, and I loved one of the two new battlegrounds. But for some reason (can’t exactly remember why, so I’m guessing it was the raiding) I had to more or less stop with the RBG and since then I barely did any PvP… I could easily do normal battlegrounds yes, but honestly no one should play that, it’s horrible… People can’t communicate and is more focused on chasing a healer throughout the entire map rather than actually winning, it’s hopeless. I would give PvP a 4/10 because it only changed for the worse in normal battlegrounds, but then again I haven’t tried enough to actually give it a valid rating.

When I think about it, this could almost be the best expansion, but then again no. The Burning Crusade is without a doubt the best expansion for raiding, the raids were awesome through the entire expansion. Wrath of the Lich King was the best expansion for PvP, and Cataclysm was just a failure. And now Mist of Pandaria has been the best expansion for the artwork and all that. I honestly can’t pick the best expansion, so we’ll have to just pick the worst: Cataclysm, without a doubt.

I do think that was it for now, hope you enjoyed my so called review and if not, well… too bad! Mike is over and out!


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  1. I can safely agree on Cataclysm being the worse, and since I wasn’t playing when TBC actually was released, it’s hard for me to base any opinion on it as an expansion, it was just part of WoW when I started playing ^^ Wotlk is by far my favorite, mostly because it was then I was actually starting to play properly at endgame and it was then we started raiding as a guild. Nevertheless, MoP is a very welcome change of scenery from Cataclysm ^^

    December 10, 2012 at 23:44

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