Gaming is a lifestyle

Welcome to (elo)hell!

Normally I am not the person that flames, insults and rages at other people while playing online, but sometimes I just can’t help it.. If you’ve ever played ranked matches in League of Legends I’m sure you know the feeling!

At first I didn’t believe in elohell, I’ve seen people write on the forums and facebook and constantly whining about it, and I pretty much just laughed at it, thinking they were being immature and whining over nothing. But I was being naive, and elohell came smashing to my face with a frying pan. Now in before people saying elohell isn’t true, we have to have a clear definition of the term elohell. I’ve looked around to find the perfect definition but it isn’t that easy to find so I’ll try to do it myself: “Elohell is when you feel like your skills are at a higher level than your current rating.” I’m currently at ~1200 rating, but I honestly feel like I could be around 1400-1500, but I can’t progress because LoL is a team game and you can’t win it by yourself. No, you really can’t, stop saying you can! If you managed to get fed, great! But do remember that the entire enemy team is fed as well, and will most likely get every dragon, baron, blue/red buff out there and will completely out farm your team while you’re trying to defend that inhibitor. Still believe you can carry the game yourself? Well then you’re just as naive as I thought!

I’ve recently started playing ranked, started in late season 2 and still going. I don’t usually go solo queue though, as I do prefer to have as many skilled player on my team as possible. Me and a friend usually duo-queue, and for the past weeks we’ve been dominating botlane, but what does it help when you have a jungler that has a score of 0/10/0? or a top and mid lane failing? Sure, you can exit the laning phase while being behind and still win in the late game, I’ve done that several times. But sometimes the people on my team are so horrible bad that you just might as well surrender at the 20 minute mark.

I do realise that everyone can have a bad game and a bad day, I’ve had that before and I’m sure I’ll have it at some point again, but I don’t screw it up so big that my team can’t win. I’ve had a score as 1/7/8 as an AD carry, horrible game for me, but with teamwork we’ve still been able to win. I’m pretty sure I’m not the cause of elohell and why am I sure of that? Well because I played normal for ages, I didn’t wanna go into ranked because I felt I wasn’t good enough. Practice makes perfect, and I became a lot better and now I feel that I should raise my game and be around the ~1500 rating.
Please practice a bit more in normal games before you go into ranked. If you don’t feel like you’re good enough, practice a bit more. No one will gain anything if you don’t know how to play ranked, you will most likely cause a loss and people will report you which might get you banned in the end.

Right, I had to get that off my chest, it’s been bothering me for a while. I do apologize if it doesn’t make much sense, I got disturbed several times while writing this! But that is it for now, Mike is over and out!


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