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Blizzards Project Blackstone

Around a week ago Blizzard registered the domain and boy has there been a lot of rumours around! People have been spamming twitter, facebook, forums and whatnot with speculations on what it could be, but of course no one knows!

Blizzard has confirmed that there will be a Diablo 3 expansion, and Blackstone could easily be the that expansion. In case you haven’t played Diablo 3, I could tell you that you’re supposed to find the Black Soulstone to use it to destroy Diablo himself.. If you ask me the names kinda goes along quite well.

Another qualified guess would be the oh so anticipated Titan! In 2007 Blizzard was looking for developers for the “next-gen MMO” but since then there has been little to no information about it all.. All we know is that it has been playable since 2011, but that’s it.. Blizzard has taken around 100 developers from the other games (Starcraft, World of Warcraft and Diablo) to focus more on Titan. But then again, why would Blizzard have another codename for a possible game title that we already know? And to be fairly honest, Blackstone doesn’t sound like a game title they would make, unless it’s an expansion.

Another quite interesting guess is that they would remake an old game from 1994 called Blackthorne. Okay, except from the name similarity I don’t actually think this would be a valid guess…

But as I think about it… Could it be the next WoW expansion? I mean.. They said they would release new expansion more frequently (currently it has been around 3 years between them) so maybe this isn’t as unlikely as it sounds. Yeah, I can’t really imagine an item or anything like that in the Warcraft universe, but it’s just as possible as any of the other games if you ask me!

Hmm… Personally I do believe it’s the Diablo 3 expansion. The name fits the gamestyle and doesn’t go along with any of the other games. But it’s weird that they would register a domain for an expansion, they haven’t done that before, so maybe it’s the new MMO after all?! oh god all these theories and speculations make me dizzy..! Ah well.. we can’t do anything but speculate and hope we get some more information soon!

That’s it for now guys, Mike is over and out!


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