Gaming is a lifestyle

Get real people, video games doesn’t kill

I had a post a while ago where I mentioned 8 myths about video games and how they aren’t harmful. Now I don’t expect everyone to read it, but they should! It really, really pisses me off to see people over and over again saying video games are bad for you and your kids and that they will turn into complete psychopaths and kill everyone.. As a gamer this rumor or myth can’t be a surprise to you, right? You hear it on the radio, you see it on TV and it’s everywhere on facebook. A while back I saw a post by one of my facebook friends, a mother and grown up woman whom I thought was somewhat smart but alas I was wrong.. She just goes with the flow and I’ve lost all respect I had for her (wasn’t much respect, but there was some). “I cannot believe parents let their kids play video games where violence and killing makes you a winner” That’s what she said.. Okay fair enough, everyone has their opinion and I can live with that, but I have never seen or heard any proof of video games making you more violent than you would have become by any other influence! Sure, I get pissed when I lose in a game, I’m a sore loser and I hate it, and I’ve smashed my keyboard a few times, but I could never do it to a person and/or animal.. I’m not a violent person, if I lose I either smash my keyboard and get it over with, or step back a minute or two and calm down.

Now someone would claim that I become violent from playing video games. No! I get just as annoyed, frustrated and pissed from watching a football match where someone loses, or when I hear religious fanatics do their talk or just watching plain stupidity. So should these be taken away as well? Sure.. No more football and sport! They make you violence and will turn you into a cold blooded killer! Religion kills, remove it! Hell, we’d even have to remove my siblings, cos man have they pissed me off! Get real folks.. If you are violent by nature you could become a murderer no matter what influence you had, if it was video games or not.

Why wont you folks that hate on video games and gamers grow the fuck up and leave us the fuck alone? We don’t mess with your business and tell you what you can and cannot do, we don’t say “You don’t get to watch Sex and the City, it makes you more of a slut, which is bad”. We. Don’t. Care.

My fellow gamers, spread the word, tell everyone video games aren’t bad influence, it doesn’t kill.. Gaming is a lifestyle, and we love it!


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