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The era of MOBA games

In the past few years the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre has been booming and is now ever so popular! Obviously MOBA games have been around for a very long time, ever since the DOTA (Defense of the Ancient) Mod in Warcraft III back in 2002. I really love playing these MOBA games, it’s really entertaining, can be quite hard and require a bit of skill and it’s always fun to play together with 4 friends. But today there are a lot of different MOBA games, so which one should you play?! I haven’t played all of the games, but I have tried 3 of the most popular games:

All of the MOBA games are quite alike, you play 5 vs. 5 and you need to kill the other teams Towers and in the end the base, that’s more or less MOBA in a nutshell. So what are the big differences in the games?

DOTA2 is the direct sequel of the DOTA Mod for Warcraft 3, and therefore seen as the only real MOBA games by a lot of the fanbois. But the big difference is in the metagame.. In DOTA2 you don’t need a jungler, and you don’t have a specific line-up in the lanes like you do in LoL. You often see 3 people in a lane, or none at all as people are running around ganking other lanes. But one of the key differences, if you ask me, is the creep denying. You can kill your own minions which prevents the enemy team to get full exp. and money.
There are a few other differences such as destructible trees, which makes it easier to hide and gank. Also in DOTA2 you have to spend your gold often, since you lose money if you die, where in LoL you can stack gold for ages. But my favourite difference between DOTA2 and other games is the artwork, the way the game looks. It looks really dim and.. I actually don’t have a word to explain it, but it looks sooo good!

League of Legends
League of Legends.. The big guy in the MOBA era. This game has become one of the most popular games in the world, especially when it comes to eSport. But why is the game so popular? I don’t know the exact reason, but I could imagine it’s because it’s easy to learn but hard to master. You don’t have to worry about denying in LoL as it’s not possible, the different lanes has a certain line-up and overall it’s really easy to understand what’s going on. Another thing that really makes LoL different is the artwork. It’s.. so.. cartoonish! A lot of people that play Heroes of Newerth or DOTA2 have a hard time to take LoL serious because of the way it looks. But it’s not a downside at all, they really pulled it off, so even if it looks cartoonish it still has some great artwork and details.

Heroes of Newerth
Heroes of Newerth is the least known/played of these 3 games… I’ve only played it briefly and I honestly couldn’t see any differences in gameplay between DOTA2 and HoN. I really don’t know what to say about this game, it’s just like DOTA2 and the Warcraft 3 DOTA if you ask me.

Oh Smite you sexy sexy game! Smite is easily my favourite MOBA game ever. It’s so different from every other game but still has the same objectives as the others. In Smite you’re controlling your champion in a 3rd person view! Yes, you heard me, 3rd person view in a MOBA game. This makes the game so much more tense as you constantly have to turn your camera around to watch out for enemies. You can’t see if someone is coming up behind you and this makes communication so important in the game. Another important factor is that jungling isn’t supported in the game. There is a jungle and neutral creeps, but you cannot stay in the jungle as in other games, you have to stay in the lane.
The game is still in BETA, so there can still be lots of changes, but so far the game looks so amazing, and I especially love the champions/history in the game. Every champion is based on the Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu and Chinese mythology. Finally we can see God is the most powerful!

Not sure if any of this makes any sense or would make you consider or reconsider playing any of the games, but if you’re not already playing one of these games I can easily recommend them (especially Smite!). LoL is free to play, so it’s an obvious choice for some of you, while DOTA2 is around €30 , but for some reason Steam has been sending me 3 DOTA2 keys, so I guess I could give two of them away! If you’re interested in getting the key do let me know!

But that is it for me today, Mike is over and out!


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