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Battlefield free to play – Join the celebration!

In the past few years EA Games had their reputation absolutely smashed due to lack of support to people who bought the games, when they bought game companies and ruined the games and just overall screwing up royally. But I’m not here to talk about how they fucked up.. no.. I am here to talk about the good old days.. Do you remember back in the days, back in 1942, where EA Games didn’t screw up? Well if you don’t remember it here is your chance!

In the celebrating of the 10th anniversary of Battlefield, EA Games is releasing the original game Battlefield 1942 as free to play on Origin! Back in 2002 Battlefield 1942 was released and was an absolutely glorious game. It got amazing reviews and started a new era of one of the most played FPS games that we know of!

EA Games wants to give everyone the chance to play the all-time classic, and I think you should try it out! Personally I haven’t played it much, mostly because I was stuck on Counter Strike and couldn’t afford new games, but from the little that I have played it was so much fun, especially dominating the sky with my amazing flying skills!
Only thing that I sort of dislike, is that you cannot play the game with current versions of the game, but since it’s free to play it really shouldn’t stop anyone from getting it!

So try to ignore your hate to EA Games, go to their website and download the game, and I’ll see you in the sky Captain!
But I do think that’s about it for now. Mike, Terror of the Skies, is over and out!


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