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Disney buys Lucasfilm

One of the most surprising news I’ve heard in a very long time! George Lucas sold his epic master piece Star Wars and the rest of Lucasfilm Ltd. to Walt Disney for an amazing $4 billions. And as if that wasn’t enough breaking news, Disney also announced that the Star Wars series will continue, and that Star Wars VII will be out in 2015 and have Episode 8 and 9 being released later on!

Personally I am so excited about this! I love the Star Wars series (yes, the old and new movies!) so I can’t wait for this! But a lot of people, mostly the old school geeks (you know who you are), hate the new(er) series and I can guarantee they’ll whine and hate on the new movie. The only thing that worries me about the new movie is that the entire cast, except Yoda, has to be done all over again since they somewhat don’t fit in age, right? But my inner geek is excited nonetheless!

But it’s not only the Star Wars series that we could possibly see new movies from. Disney also got the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise, which is (almost) as exciting as new Star Wars movies.
Other than that people are already talking the amazing mash-up between Disney and Lucasfilm that could happen, such as a Star Wars universe in Kingdom Heart, or a how about an Indiana Jones/Woody adventure?

Original posts: Washington Post, IGN and BBC

As I said I am quite excited about this and really looking forward to epic movies, but for now Mike is over and out!


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