Gaming is a lifestyle changes and Starcraft drama

In the past few weeks there has been so much drama around Blizzard and Starcraft II. People have (mostly) been complaining about that the game feels so empty when you’re playing ladder (1v1). People want more interaction with other players instead of playing alone. Destiny, a former Broodwar player, now playing SC2 professional made a Reddit post that sort of started the infamous #SaveHoTs spam on Twitter. Destiny talks about how the SC2 doesn’t have the same community feeling as it did in Starcraft and Broodwar, and how the entire UI just doesn’t work out. He says the game simply doesn’t do anything for the casual non-professional gamers.

Now before I saw all this drama and Destiny’s post and all that I really didn’t realise that this was spot on, I’ve played the game for a while now, and never really thought about the lack of communication between players, but as I read it I started to realise that this is very true and I really hope there will be some changes soon ish. Whilst that said there are a few things that I do disagree with.

I do believe Blizzard has the power to change the it to the better, and as the fan boy I am, I do believe they will do it. At the same time as Blizzard (hopefully) does that, we (the SC2 community) has to do whatever we can to make the game more welcoming to new and casual players and have the game grow even more and still be the flagship of eSport.
This is pretty much what I’ve gotten out from all the discussions and threads that I could find mixed together with my opinion, but I don’t really know how to do it so I hope that Blizzard together with some of the main figures in Starcraft 2 could work this out as soon as possible.

With that said, Blizzard did shortly after all the hype and #SaveHoTs announce that there will be some major changes to the UI (and it’s important to remember that these changes have been worked on for a while now, and didn’t pop up as the result of the stuff mentioned earlier). They want to make the game more appealing to the casual gamer.

Blizzard is adding levels into Starcraft. Apparently you get experience after matches, and the amounts depends on how well you perform in the match. And you will be rewarded with stuff like decals and portraits.
This is (in my opinion) a great way to make the game more challenging/exciting to play, although the rewards could be better, such as new unit designs and whatnot.
Looking forward to this nonetheless!

Clan support
This is another update that I can imagine people looking forward to. People have been wanting this for years (since Broodward from what I’ve heard). Personally I don’t really care much about this as I’m not in a clan/team, but I can imagine it could come in handy for some.

These changes are the major changes that is being added to the Heart of the Swarm Beta, and it looks quite good, and hopefully Blizzard will add more (good) changes before it goes live!

As I mentioned earlier this is what I could gather and understand from all the drama on Reddit, TeamLiquid forums and Twitter, but I might have missed something so I can’t guarantee that its 100% correct, so read the original posts!

And that is it for me, Mike is over and out!


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