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Viri Fortuitus are back in business!

Second week of Mist of Pandaria and first week of raiding! Last post I mentioned that I was excited about the new raid (Mogu’Shan Vaults) and with good reasons! First proper guild raid in months and Viri Fortuitus sure looked good!

First raiding night (Wednesday) and we were all ready! Everyone was more or less hyped and really excited as we got started. Everyone on Ventrilo, flasked and well fed as we started on the trash. But Viri being Viri we obviously got raped by trash a few times too often… But we got it cleared and stood in front of The Stone Guards. Now I cannot remember exactly how everything went as I have a horrible memory, but I can tell you that the fight was a bitch (at least for us healers)! Having no mana at 80% just really doesn’t work you know… But we learned quickly and slowly got closer to killing him, and after the 22nd try we finally managed to get him down!

Second raiding night went somewhat just as “smooth”, although I was horrible irritated by the lack of mana for me and the other healers, and I was ready to rage-quit at one point. But Viri did what Viri does best and kept going and we went for that famous last try.

As Barbiella wrote on our website: “At 3% we started to think that “we’ve got this bro, we’ve got this!“, but no! Feng the Accursed had some buttkicking up his sleeve and at 0.8% health, 90% of the raid was dead. Left was the mage who refused to die, and the spirit healer who refused to stop spamming all the buttons. When 0.1% of the boss remained, the mage fell down dead. And much to our surprise, so did Feng! The screams were glorious, and as our dear tank Grim stated: Viri does not need gear to pwn.”

As I mentioned in the previous post I was hoping for one of the guildies to stream the raid, but I’m afraid that didn’t happen, BUT Barbiella recorded the fight, here you go peeps:

We had some problem with getting people for Monday and Tuesday so we didn’t have the chance to raid there, but I do have a raid in 15 minutes, so let’s hope it goes as good (or even better) as last week!

I’m afraid that’s all I have to say for now, Mike is over and out!


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