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Black Mesa remakes Half Life

Two days ago Black Mesa had their official release, the remake of Valves amazing game Half Life. I’ve just played it for around 2 hours, admittedly it’s not even close to being enough to really  play a game, but as I’ve played the old version before I figured going to sleep early would be a good idea…

The Black Mesa remake of the game takes the old version of Half Life and put it in the source engine to make it “…a more engrossing in-game world with more varied, complex environments and more challenging, realistic gameplay”. If you’ve played the old version, you’ll really notice the difference in the games. The graphics are so much better, the lightning makes it way more scary and exciting, and there are just a lot more features, like picking up stuff.

Another thing that seems to have stayed the same is that it still scares the crap out of me! You walk around for ages in a smashed laboratory with nothing but a crowbar and a flashlight, and there is so much noise around you, and you keep hearing those weird ass alien-zombie sounds without seeing them and BAM there is a brain-looking-alien up in your face… Now call me a pussy, but it scared the crap out of me 10 years ago, and it still scares the crap out of me!
If you’ve never played the game I really think you should give it a go for two good reasons: First of all it’s an epic game, even if I haven’t completed it yet it still is one of the best and hardest games I’ve played (And it’s fun!). And then it’s free to play, so what do you have to lose?! If you, however, have played the game, then I’d suggest you try it again, source mode!

You can download the game for free here!
And you can watch a quick gameplay/review by IGN here.

But that’s it for me tonight, Mike has a need for sleep!


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