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GSL season 4 returning!

Global Starcraft II LeagueToday the toughest Starcraft II tournament returns! The 4th season of the Korean Global Starcraft League (GSL) Code S is starting today at 18:10 Korean time (around 11 CET) and never before has this many SC2 legends been featured! Of the nine GSL champions in history, seven are competing this tournament, doing everything they can to become the next champion and win the grand prize of $45.000!

The players have already been seeded and placed in their groups, and boy do I look forward to see the Group of Death (Group E) being played! Featuring the 3 of the worlds best Terran players: TaeJa, MMA and Mvp (MMA and Mvp being GSL champions) and then one of the two European MaNa being a complete underdog, but he will always have our support! The other group you should keep an eye on is Group C with players such as MarinKing and MC, it will be an exciting group! Don’t get me wrong though, all of these groups are absolutely badass and I can guarantee that it’ll be one of the best GSL ever!

GSL Code S season 4 brackets

GSL Code S will be streamed live on but unfortunately you will need to buy a ticket to watch the live streams (Only $14.99 though!). But then again, if you’re just a little bit interested in watching the best Starcraft II players in the world, it’ll be worth it!

Are you watching going to watch the Code S? Any favourite to win? Or if you have a hard time to pick a favourite you could always read the TeamLiquid post about the players!

But that’ll be it for now.. I’ll see you on the GSL chat! Mike is over and out!


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