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gamescom 15.-19.08.2012

Afternoon peeps! In just two days, on 15 august, gamescom will be kicked off in Cologne, Germany! Gamescom is the Worlds largest games event, with around 275.000 visitors from around 40 countries. As gamescom is the biggest trade fair for video games, many developers use this event to announce and show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware, and this year there is no less than 120.000 square meters of awesomeness!

In the past 3 years people from Blizzard, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and lots more have been attending, and this year wont be an exception!

So I’ve been looking around, and I’ve been reading up on who’s going and what we should expect, but it’s only rumours, but we can be excited non the less right?!

Sony has a few games that they can show off at gamescom (PS3 Slim will not be there), but two games that caught my interest is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Classified. Sony will give us a first-look at it for PS Vita. But as I’m not a big fan of the CoD series, I’ll be looking a bit more forward to the God of War: Ascension!

EA has a few games that look promising: Crysis 3, FIFA 13, Medal of Honor Warfighter and not to mention SimCity! All of these games sound very interesting to me, but I do believe most of them were at the E3 event earlier this year, so it’s most likely just giving people the chance to try the games.

Now more importently Blizzard will be there, and I’m really looking forward to this! They will bring all their games with them (Diablo, Starcraft and World of Warcraft) and will let people try out their two new expansions: Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm and World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria! Also Blizzard has promised to show off the all new Mist of Pandaria opening cinamatic!
And who knows, even if its highly unlikely, they might even throw a release date for Heart of the Swarm out!

There are a few other game developers worth mentioning, like Ubisoft with their Assassins Creed III, Capcom who has Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet 3, and of course Square Enix who will have Hitman, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy XIV (and possibly GTA 5).

Now the trade part where the game developers show off and what not is interesting and great fun, I do look forward to the Intel Extreme Masters! IEM is one of the biggest Starcraft II tournaments (in terms of players and casters), and will have the best 24 players in the world competing for the money and honour, and I’m seriously looking forward to this! Players like NesTea, MC, PuMa, NaNiwa, Grubby and Nerchio is in the line-up so I can guarantee a bad ass tournament! And you can’t have the best players in the world without having the best shout casters! The one and only Day[9] will be casting with the legendary duo of Tastosis!
I could keep going on saying how awesome this will be, but I doubt anyone would keep reading then, so all I can say is DON’T MISS OUT, it’ll be absolutely legendary!

League of Legends will also have their tournament there, but I honestly couldn’t care less, as LoL is quite rubbish as a spectator game^^

That’s it for now, I’m counting on making another post within the week with some stuff from gamescom and the tournament.. Mike is over and out!


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