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Steam Expandes

Afternoon peeps!

So today (at least I think it was today) Valve announced that Steam will not only be selling games but also software! Now this might come as a surprise for some of us, but I kinda like the idea, as they want to take advantage of the current Steam features, such as easy installation (not that it’s THAT hard to install software now days), automatic updates and not to mention Steam Cloud (which lets you save settings on one computer and then automatically have the same settings on another computer)!

I don’t know exactly why they do this though, as it’s not exactly something that I feel we’re missing, but it will indeed make it all a whole lot easier if you could have everything in one place! So from September 5 you’ll be able to download software from Steam!

I’ve heard (read) some rumours that Valve also wants to sell movies and books (books as in gameguides and reviews), but one can only hope, as I haven’t seen anything official about this yet, but I’ll keep my eyes open!

But that is about it for now, Mike is over and out!


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