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Mist of Pandaria release date announced!

After several days of literally non-stop work I came home and checked my facebook, and I saw nothing but people spamming about 25 September,  and I rather quickly realised that it was no ordinary date, but the release of the new World of Warcraft  expansion, Mist of Pandaria! Now if you somehow managed to live under a rock for several months/years you might not have heard of the upcoming expansion, but people have been guessing the release date for several months (as they always do of course) but I have to say I really didn’t expect it to be released this early! I didn’t expect it any time before Christmas or early next year, and I don’t feel any excitement over the game being released, except that it will get lots of people back to WoW, not to mention to Viri Fortuitus!

mist of pandaria art workHmm so for you who haven’t really read anything bout the game, lets take a quick look at it shall we?

New race! Haven’t you always wanted to be a panda? Big, black/white, Asian and not to mention fluffy?!
New Class.. Now I haven’t really been reading much about the Monk class, but as far as I can understand it’s somewhat an all-around class (as in healing, tanking and damage). I’m not really excited about this feature, so lets just leave it here!
Pet battle system! Always been a fan of Pokémon?! Well Blizzard stole their idea! Use your vanity pets to beat other players! Kinda a lame idea, but I’m kinda looking forward to it! I can’t wait to kick a certain pink haired gnome’s ass!
Challenge mode: Now this is FINALLY something I’m really looking forward to! In almost every racing game you can get bronze, silver and gold medal for beating the best time and all that, and now Blizzard has applied this to the raids! Sure, 1 guild on the realm got the first kill, but if you can make the fastest kill it will be almost as good! I’m almost getting too over excited!
“Lesser” updates like new continent (which is placed on a giant tortoise for some weird reason), new NPC races, new talent trees and so on and on.

That was just a quick recap of the new features, and as I’ve been reading this I sort of got excited bout the release after all! Now let’s see how the next two months will be!

Now have a look at the BlizzCon 2011 WoW:MoP trailer!

Anyway, other than these news, as far as I can read on different websites Blizzard is already thinking of releasing several other expansions! Gotta love Warcraft ❤

But that’s it for me now! I’ll try to be back as soon as possible with more exciting news about boring stuff (or just another post)!


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