Gaming is a lifestyle

I have a golden future!

In my previous post I talked about how I kinda sucked in singleplayer/1v1 and I do have to say I still do, nothing new there! But as I also mentioned, I am more of a team player, and it sure looks like my performance just gets better when I’m in a team! I had a post where I mentioned that I wanted to improve my Starcraft 2 skills, but I’m somewhat still stuck in Bronze League there! But today I grouped up with my brother and we kicked some serious ass! In the 5 placement matches we had to play we won 4 of them, and that is a lot better than we usually do! With a terran and zerg combo we managed to mass marine and roach them to death.. or that was the general idea at least, as it turns out, the enemy team walled off so we went with the doom drop and kicked ass!

So here I am, proud to say that I managed to get to the Gold League! Even if my team skills don’t benefit me in 1v1 as much as I’d like it to, I am quite happy to have made it so far! Now it’s only two leagues to go before I’ve reached my first goal: Platinum League!

And now, I shall take a rest from the World of Starcraft 2, and play some FPS and shoot them nazis..! Mike is over and out!


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