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Tribes Ascend – massive deathmatch FPS game

Tribes Ascend is a new free-to-play FPS game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. When you take your first look at the gameplay, Unreal Tournament pops in your mind right away. The game is fast paced shooter games, and is played in total chaos!


From the start you’re able to play 2 different types of games. The classic team-deathmatch where you blast everyone and everything hoping for the kill. And capture the flag where you have to, well.. capture the enemy flag!
When you gain higher levels you will be able to unlock two new game types: The Capture and Hold, which is where you grab the flag and try to hold it as long as possible. The longer you hold it the closer you get to winning. Arena is a 5v5 fight, and the ranked arena system will be added later on! Rabbit is a gamemode that hasn’t been added yet, but it looks like it will be a sort of free-for-all, where everyone is killing everyone. You’ll have to capture the flag and hold it as long as possible, while the others chase you and try to take it from you!

Also there are 3 classes allowed to play from level 1: The Pathfinder, Soldier and the Juggernaut. Now there isn’t a big difference between the two first classes.. They both have light weapons with fast firepower. The Juggernaut on the other hand is more of a heavy weapon type of guy. He has some sort of rocket launcher, which makes him great fun to play, but due to his lack of lighter weapons it really makes it hard to get kills close up! From the start I’d heavily recommend playing the pathfinder, as I find him the easiest to play, and his weapons are just much more awesome than the soldiers!
But as you gain higher levels you will be able to unlock 6 of the other classes. I’m afraid I haven’t been able to get that far just yet, but I’ll get there soon!

Now what makes Tribes Ascend different from other FPS games? Well first of all it is free-to-play, which is great all in all, but that’s not even close to be the best! Tribes Ascend has two major movement abilities: The Jetpack, which if you ask me every FPS game should have, where you can fly around and easily climb the hills in the map, and generally make it harder for the enemy team to hit you. Then you have the ‘skiing’. It’s a gliding ability where gain speed the further you go down hill. Again this really makes it hard to get killed. So if you can master these two abilities you can easily dominate the game!

Pros and Cons

Pros: The movement is the best part of the game! It makes the gameplay really fast, and lets you play, not only on the ground, but in the air as well!
The game challenges your skills with the mouse, it’s hard to hit the enemy, and therefore get kills. But if you can predict the movement of the enemy, and have a good aim, you will get the kill and get rewarded!
Last but not least the game is free. I mean, obviously this is a good thing, who doesn’t love free stuff right?! And even if it’s free you really can’t notice it, the graphics are great!

Cons: Now since it is a free-to-play game, they have to earn money somehow, and this is perhaps the biggest problem in the game. As you need gold and/or XP to level up and get upgrades to your character, they allowed people to use real life money, so that you could either buy gold for upgrades or XP boosts, which really makes the game a bit unfair if you’re not so fortunate to have your mums credit card!
Another let down is the vehicles in the game. They really look like they would be fun to drive around with, but the fact that you need credits to buy them really makes them rare in the game. Another problem with the vehicles is that they are somewhat slow, so it really isn’t hard to dodge if you know how to use your jetpack/skiing!

The game has gotten great score on different gaming websites. IGN gave it 9/10 and EuroGamer gave it 10/10!

I would really recommend the game, as it’s great fun and really will test your skills with the mouse! And honestly.. It’s free-to-play so at least give it a try!
Have you tried it yet? What is your thoughts on the game?

You can sign up and download the game here!


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