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Zombie killed in the US

Apparently there has been an attack in the US, where a man was found, eating another mans face! The police tried to stop him (or so they claim) but ended up shooting him, so I guess we wont really know if it’s a zombie attack or just a man going mad.

But of course the internet being the internet, people seem to be excited about this, since they somewhat have been waiting for something like this… And honestly, it’s sort of scary how much people want a zombie epidemic to happen! Now, I don’t know much about this case in the US, but if it’s the start of a zombie outbreak, I really don’t see how people can be excited about it, cos I sure as hell can’t see anything excited about it!

Even after countless of zombie games and hours and hours of zombie slaying, I sure as hell ain’t ready for the real deal, but I guess there are some of you who are!


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