Gaming is a lifestyle

Diablo 3 finally released!

The day had just begun, but the minions of Hell were once again released from their prison, and now pushing their way out of the depths whence they came, more hungry and vicious than ever before. Not long ago, a group of glorious heroes had been victorious and managed to trap the 3 Prime Evils in the Soulstone, but now, 20 years later the two Lesser Evils, Azmodan and Belial seeks to overtake the the world.

On May 15 we saw the beginning of the end, all Hell broke loose. As the champions of the world was getting ready to do what they could to stop the up coming apocalypse, they encountered a rather… unexpected problem. Blizzards Diablo 3 servers couldn’t handle the traffic and crashed. So we had to sit by, and patiently wait for the servers to get back online, so that we could do what we did best: bashing them keyboards!

It has been 11 years since Diablo II: Lord of Destruction was released on June 29, 2001, and since then people have been (more or less) waiting patiently for the release of Diablo III, and finally on May 15, 2012 we were sent back in time, to save Tristram once again.

Me and my brother was getting ready to play all night. I had been gathering supplies to get through the night: Redbull, candy and lots of coca cola, and was starting to look forward to this. We were watching the countdown timer, but when it hit the magical 0 we, as with millions of others, weren’t able to log in. Oh well shit happens… But surely enough, 2 hours later we were online and started our adventure. The vicious Ectoplasma and Garvilt the Magnificent, are slowly but surely kicking every demon they see!

I managed to get some gametime before leaving for school (although skipping it had crossed my mind several times) and honestly, I couldn’t wait to get home to play some more! So yeah, here I am, 6:30 Wednesday morning, after another allnighter, writing this, as im starting to get ready for school! So in about 7-8 hours I’m back online, and getting ready to kick some more demon ass! Life is quite good right at the moment!

So if you’re still waiting for your copy of the game then shame on you for being lazy and not going to the midnight launch or downloading the game! but if you on the other hand decided not to buy it, then please, find the nearest Diablo fan, and ask him to smack your face!

But for now I’m gonna say ‘Mike is over and out’, and tired as hell!
Good day to you sir!

Myes, ass kicking barbarian :3


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