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Game cinematics, cut scenes and more!

I just watched the Diablo III TV add and I started to wonder… What if the game developers made movies instead?! I mean, the movies now days are great and all that, and you can be amazed over them for a while, but it’s not anywhere close to video games! A game can keep you entertained for years, and you can watch the cut scenes over and over again without getting tired of them!

Yeah okay, comparing movies to video games isn’t fair, I know, but if you take the cut scenes from the games, like this one from WoW, (it might not be as high graphics and all, as people demand for movies), but the excitement really gets to you! If Blizzard decided to make a movie, and make it at the same level as their cut scenes/cinematics then it would be mind blowing, not only due to the details and amazing artwork (or whatever you call it) but also the story!
So basically what I’m saying is, that game developers should pull their asses together and make a movie in the same style as the cut scenes/cinematics are (which is computer animated, and not with actos)!
But yeah anyway, while I’m on the topic I might as well add that it ain’t only Blizzard who knows how to make such a brilliant job (well duh)! The guys behind StarWars: The Old Republic made a trailer that blew my mind! It’s brilliant but the game is shit.. ;P
So please check out (and several other sites) and watch the trailers, and do enjoy the thrill and excitement that it brings!
So just to finish this up, try to watch this Starcraft II trailer and just imagine what movie this could be if they decided to make it real!
(oh and on a side note, do try to watch Tales of the Past, it’s an amature video made by a danish guy… It brings up some pieces of lore from Warcraft, and it’s just simply amazing!)
(PS. I’ve looked through this post and saw soooo many grammar mistakes and whatnot, but I’m just too tired to find them and fix it, so you’ll just have to survive it)

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  1. Zeerak

    MOVIE !!!

    May 7, 2012 at 13:16

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