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My prayers have been heard!

In my last post I was talking about how there was only a month till Diablo 3 was being released and how badly I wanted a beta key, and it turns out that my prayers have been heard! The manager of CopenhagenGames gave away a few beta keys to the crew, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them. But of course it shouldn’t be that easy for me… Turns out Blizzard had some problems with their servers or whatever it was, and that every time I tried to activate my beta-key I got an error, yay..! I tried to add it a few times a day for a few days but without luck. But yesterday Blizzard decided to have an open beta weekend, where everyone could enter the beta and have a look at Diablo 3! So today the game finished downloading, and I finally had my first look at Diablo 3, and it looks awesome! But so far I’ve only managed to try multiplayer out, due to some errors when I’m trying to start singleplayer, and I do not approve! Hopefully the lovely chaps at Blizzard will fix it soon so that I can play properly!

But not only did I get a beta key for Diablo 3, Blizzard also decided to finally give me my Mist of Pandaria beta key! I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I’m very much looking forward to it! I mean, who doesn’t want to be a panda? or at least kick some panda ass!

So yeah, open Diablo 3 beta weekend, so all you have to do is log on (or create an account if you don’t have one (dont worry it’s free)) and download the game! And while you’re at it go subscribe to the World of Warcraft annual pass to get the Mist of Pandaria beta!

That’s it for now I think, I’m just waiting for my brother to pop online so that we can kick some Skeleton King ass!
Mike is over and out!


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