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Good times in Bruxelles

When I heard that my class was going to Bruxelles I was rather disappointed.. I mean.. Bruxelles, the city of politics.. that’s where were going? But I was soon convinced that it was going to be an amazing trip!

We had a 15 hour trip ahead of us, and it started out rather bloody awesome, when our personal DJ Sajaan started the party with his DJ’ing skills, and he kept going from Copenhagen to Bruxelles, what a party we had!

When we arrived at our hotel on Sunday evening we went out to scout the area, and realised that the city wasn’t that bad after all! Me and another classmate went out on our own personal sightseeing from 11pm to 1am, and boy did we walk.. Without exaggerating I’d say we saw 90% of the stuff worth seeing in the city


On Monday and Tuesday we had to do some “educational” stuff, so we went on a tour at the Audi factory in Bruxelles, and it was very interesting to see how and what is done to a car when it’s in production, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures due to Audi being afraid of spies and whatnot.
Also we went to visit NATO and the EU parliament, which was interesting as well (well.. one of them were at least).
But in the end, I do prefer to relax and chill out when I’m on a vacation (duh, who doesn’t?), so as soon as we could we got out of there and went back to the hotel, grabbed a ball and some beers and went to a small grass area to show off our skills, and soon after we got there, we got challenged by the locals to a match, and as the pro’s we are we were dominating!

Today we went to see the Atomium, which basically is just a huge ass structure with some steel balls on it, but was amazing to see the overview that you had over the city!
But this is our last night in Bruxelles, so the rest of the day we’re going to max chill and get ready to party tonight! Going to an English pub to watch champions league and sing some karaoke and get shit faced!

And tomorrow we’re going to do some last sightseeing, chilling and do what shopping we can, before we’re heading back to Copenhagen on a 15 hour party-bus-ride!

But that’s all for now, Mike is over and out!



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