Gaming is a lifestyle

Nostalgic mode activated!

Oh my god! My nostalgic level went over 9000 today! I saw that posted a picture from Golden Axe on facebook, and talking ’bout how awesome the game was, so I decided to check it out. I found an emulator and then the ROM and started playing. Sadly the game was nothing special so I went looking for other games and ended up finding a game I haven’t seen 2nd grade! I remember that we used to sit on the school computers playing the one and only Cannon Fodder, and damn it was an amazing game! After playing it a bit I started to wonder what other games I played when I was a kid.

On my dads old (very old, think it was from like early 90’s, and had a small monitor and only showed orange colours <3) laptop sort of thing, we had several amazing games like Indiana Jones, Aladdin and not to mention The Lion King! I really wish we had kept that laptop, just to play it properly, rather than on an emulator.

When I played these games back then they were bloody hard, and to my surprise they still are! I’m still getting my ass kicked in these games, it’s amazing!

If you haven’t played any of these old games, or just want to play them again, then for the love of god do it! Yeah sure, they don’t have the new amazing graphics and all that shizzle, but damn they are awesome!

So go to and download the emulator and the games!

An epic adventure awaits you!


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