Gaming is a lifestyle

6 years 6 computers

Oh hai thar !

It’s been a while since my last post so let’s see how this goes :3

Yesterday my  laptop died.. it went black and wouldn’t start.. just my luck to be honest.. so I handed it back in to the store to get it repaired and all that shizzle and they said it would be out for two weeks !! and I do not approve of that !

So today I went out and bought a new one! I know it’s a bit bold to buy a new computer when I’ll get the other one back in two weeks.. but I need a computer, both for school and gaming! So anyway! New computer and a happy Mike :3

When I bought the computer I came to think of how many computers I’ve had over time.. I got my first computer 6 years ago.. I’ve had one desktop computer and 4 laptops + the one I just got.. thats 6 computers in 6 years !! oh god how I love to waste money.. ! 😛

Anyway.. Mike is over and out from his brand new computer !


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