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Half half dead

Mm today it’s 1 week till I’m half half dead, isn’t it fun?

So your asking yourself what half half dead means huh? well.. in a week I turn 20, and 20 is half of 40 which is the half of 80, and when I’m 80 I’ll most likely be dead.. so I’m half half dead!!

Man, I’m starting to feel a bit old, turning 20 and all! Of course there isn’t a difference between being 19 and 20, but the fact that your no longer a teenager says a lot.. and I just feel that I haven’t done anything special or fun or exciting yet, and that really bothers me!
Not that I expect to discovered a cure for cancer, or sailed the 7 seas by now.. but something more than just moved to Denmark would have been nice 😛 yeah.. I know nothing will happen if I don’t do it myself, but still!

I know I’m not the only one who feels bad ’bout turning 20, since last year Barbie almost killed me every time I mentioned that she turned 20 😉
So yeah.. I’m half half dead, and haven’t experienced enough!


One response

  1. Pah, you’re still young Mike! No need to worry at all. When you turn 25, we shall have a major lifecrise together!

    March 28, 2011 at 09:08

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