Gaming is a lifestyle

i’m alive!

My name is Michael, and this has been the longest weekend of my life!

Monday morning. I’m suprised that I’m still alive to be fair, since this is the longest I’ve been without internet as far as i can remember.

When I came home from school on wednesday last week I had no connection, but I did not worry and played some pokémon instead. Thursday I still had no internet, and again, I decided to play pokémon and watch Heroes again ^^. So when I realised I didn’t have any internet on friday either, I went out to find a net-café, but apparently it’s harder to find one than I thought. After 1½ hour of searching I went home again, and went home and watched some more Heroes, sigh…

So saturday came, and I got bored of pokémon, and had no more episdoes of Heroes to watch, so I looked through my old game box and found Diablo 2 and dear god it feels good to play it again! So my saturday and sunday both went with playing Diablo 2.

So 5 days without internet. It’s the longest I’ve been without internet, unwillingly atleast. And yes, I’m a bit suprised i haven’t killed myself 😮 but it’s nice to know that I can survive a worst case scenario 😉

Well either way, I’m in school now, waiting for classes to start, and hopefully I’ll have internet when I get home.. If not.. then may god have mercy on those who gets in my way!!



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